Saturday, January 19, 2013


The link to Today's Flowers is now open.  To see beautiful blooms from around the world you can click here.

I will be relying more and more on my archives in our winter.
Orchid family - Spathoglottis  Picata

I wanted to thank all those who have been sharing photos at Today's Flowers.  As a way of showing my appreciation I have added your links from last week below.  I have tried hard not to make any mistakes but please let me know if there are any, the same if I have missed anyone.  They are in the order they were received on the home page so this list won't be alphabetical.  Clicking on the names will take you to their blogs.

With my thanks to last week's participants who were:

Guild-Rez at Guildwood Gardens                 

Kanak at Terra Farmer             


Life's Concealed Details           

Thank you Luna Miranda for this pretty logo.

If you enjoy participating in memes we are always looking for new participants.  For those of you who are already weekly participants, thank you very much. 

If anyone would like to be a guest and share photos on our home page, details can be found at the top of Today's Flowers web site, which you will find here.


I am also linking up with Tina's Weekend Flowers which you can find here.



  1. I love orchids.. Makes me want to get back over to Biltmore since theirs are so pretty in winter....

    Happy Weekend.

  2. that's a pretty orchid...i love the light beaming on the flowers. i was out of town last week, wasn't able to link up.:p

  3. What a pretty flower. I am digging into my archives too these days since all we have is freezing fog and dreary skies.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. I love orchids, especially the small, wild ones. I'm reading a book - an historical novel called The Lady's Slipper' - which is about a 17th century woman who wants everyone to appreciate the wild lady's slipper orchid which is not growing on common land.

  5. Beautiful orchid picture!!
    Love to participate this week again,

  6. Orchids are my favourites. I wish I could see them in the wild, though, instead of in pots.

  7. I love the light on the flowers and the dark background.

  8. Elegant orchids, Denise.
    Have a nice weekend :)

  9. you did a great job! thanx for this and also for your lovely weekend flowers. :)

  10. Orchids are so special! :)
    Happy weekend,

  11. Lovely orchid. Hope you'll find time to visit my Purple Ruellia.

  12. great work on the lighting, denise!

    gorgeous photo!

    have a great weekend~


  13. lol, you have done a great job. And it is appreciated. But if I´d be picky my name is NatureFootstep, one word :)

    Thanks to you for hosting. And, arachive is a great thing. :)

  14. That's a beautiful orchid. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  15. Gorgeous orchids -- do you grow those? (I don't grow anything I blog, but I do love flowers.) Thanks for this and for hosting.

  16. Very pretty as always :-) It really is wonderful to see flowers at this time of year.

  17. These orchids look so pretty and delicate. I love the colour too.

  18. Denise, very pretty and delicate flowers. Beautiful photo. Happy Sunday!

  19. Thank you for all the sweet comments. I think I have returned the visits except for Tojav. Thank you for the comment Tojav, sorry I couldn't find a link back to your blog. I also sent an e-mail to Betty as I couldn't find a comment box on yours - do I need my glasses ? Probably! Other than that I am all caught up. Have a great week everyone :)

  20. I really love that cow portrait in your header!! Unusual perspective!!

  21. Beautiful orchid! I'll be popping over in a few minutes to check out some more.

  22. Hello Denise,
    orchids are wonderful flowers and your's are very pretty, love it!
    Wish you a good Monday,

  23. Very pretty orchid! So fragile in wonderful light.
    And thank you very much for your work with the list!

  24. Late to the party...husband had hip surgery so I've been busy. My orchid is trying hard to re-bloom.