Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Clifton, VA

Well, here we are, First Day of January, 2013.  I wonder how many checks I will write out with 2012 before the penny drops.  Gregg and I spent our New Year's Eve very quietly and proved once again that we are not party people.

Happy New Year Everyone!

My post today is of Clifton, a pretty little town in northern Virginia.  Many of the homes have some historical significance and have signs outside telling you about them.  

The sign outside the house above reads "Huckbill - 1902.  Built by H. Longley.  Oscar Woody, who was a member of the railroad and sea postal services, bought the house in 1910.  He was on duty on the Titanic when she went down on his 41st birthday.  He was buried at sea on April 24th, 1912."

I have seen the house many times but this is the first time I have read the historical marker and knew of its connection with the Titanic.

All the other photos were just taken at random as we drove through the town on Saturday.  It was such a pretty day, very chilly but sunny.  The snow that we had expected again didn't amount to anything.

This is the Clifton Baptist Church.  A newspaper in 1910 reported that the church was being built, and it was completed in 1912.

This little boy was sitting on the tractor - a permanent fixture on one of the corners - while his dad was taking a photograph.