Monday, January 21, 2013

A walk through the woods.....

to the Walney Pond Visitor's Center.  Gregg and I often come over here during the year, to get some exercise and also to enjoy the surroundings.  This time we didn't take any photos of the pond as we have so many.  The beaver lodge has been dismantled but further upstream we noticed he or maybe other members of his family have been hard at work.  The area had been 'tidied up', and although we know this has to be done to stop everything from getting too overgrown, we missed the wildness of it all, it seemed a little more desolate.   Trees have been felled and sawed logs were all along the trail, much wider this time and yes probably safer.  

This is the old smokehouse near the visitors center.  We could have driven to this location but today we wanted to enjoy our exercise and that's why we parked down by the pond and walked through the wood, on a slight uphill gradient, to get here.  The day was sunny and though not warm, mild enough not to have to wear a coat.  A good thick woolly sweater was enough.

Not a cloud in the sky, just a few contrails from passing airplanes.

The trees cast long shadows.

In a past visit and not too far from here Gregg once saw a fox but by the time I looked up he had gone.

It was very quiet with not much wildlife.  We saw a few birds high up in the trees but other than that not even so much as a squirrel.  We saw several couples, also families with young children.  We all smiled and said hello as we passed by.  Everyone was enjoying the sunshine.

This is a replica of a native lodge, a little worse for wear.

Hearts and signatures left all over this tree.  There were no other trees like this one.

These pretty hibiscus...... 

were growing in the hothouse attached to the visitors center.

This is the photo in my present header.  Gregg took it.  In fact he took many of the photos in today's post.

Gregg made good use of one of the sawn logs I mentioned earlier.  Soaking up the sunshine for a few minutes was lovely.

This young lady was carrying refreshments over to a group of young children who were having a barbecue  near one of the picnic tables.  They were taking one of the nature classes available.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the sunshine.

The old bee hive is a permanent fixture.  There are more modern hives nearby.  I was surprised to see several bees very active going in and out, but I doubt they were able to visit any flowers that day.  There were none to be found.  They need to be reminded it's winter.  Go back to sleep until springtime.

I hope you've enjoyed our latest walk near Walney Pond.