Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A bit of whimsy in this post

If you have a special garden,
Where flowers and herbs abound.
Then take a pinch of fairy dust,
And sprinkle it around.
The fairies will take notice,
And at the end of day,
They'll tiptoe out upon the grass,
And dance the night away.

~Carla J. Nelson~

How to tell if a fairy is around:

Soft chiming bells
A strong scent of grass, apples or wild violets
Strange, haunting or jovial music
Mysterious giggling that comes out of thin air
Mushroom circles
Large patches of four-leaf clovers
You are followed by a crow or a raven.

Well, there you go!

(Photos at Meadowlark Gardens, of an area near the visitors center that delights big kids and little kids alike.  Never lose sight of your inner child).

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