Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mount Vernon Christmas Ornaments

When we visited Mount Vernon recently the visitors' center was all decked out for Christmas.  

I have enjoyed collecting ornaments for years and I was fascinated by the ones on their Christmas Trees.  All of them could be bought in the gift shop.

I tried to get photos of as many of the Presidents as I could, but I needed another half an hour to do that.  I looked for our present President.  I couldn't find him in the time I had.  I needed to investigate another large tree but as we had tickets at an allotted time to look at George Washington's home, we had to go. 

However, I tried my best.

Martha Washington made an appearance.

This is a painting of their home.

George Washington look-a-likes.

A glass ornament of Mount Vernon.

Here he is looking through a telescope but I couldn't find any information on his interest in this subject.

Gregg said he was an accomplished surveyor and may have used celestial observations to determine his location.

I think this is supposed to be Betsy Ross because of the flag in her basket, but it could be Martha I suppose....

and another of George with a bag of flour.

President Washington also owned a Grist Mill and Distillery three miles away from Mount Vernon. It's on our list of places to visit.  You can check it out here.

Martha was an excellent gardener and you can read more about that here.

The Christmas Camel was a surprise.  There is a real one on the grounds which I will be sharing later on this week.  

I am not sure who this lady in the frame is, maybe Martha in her younger years.  Not really sure though.  

Here's Martha and George again....

and one last glass ornament of their home, which I will also be sharing soon.


  1. Absolutely stunning, Denise. I love seeing ornaments from places like that. When GE and I travel, we try to buy ornaments from places we've been. We have some from Williamsburg, Biltmore, Grand Canyon, Ocean Isle, Mt. Nebo, etc. etc. etc... SUCH great memories...

    Thanks for sharing them.

  2. There is a big variety there. How many did you take home?? I haven't seen tat tradition here of collecting ornaments from different places for the Christmas tree, We just seem to have tacky ones, but I am generalising here. I actually have some nice ones of Aussie birds.

  3. Denise, these are beautiful ornaments. It is neat to have all the presidents faces on their ornaments. I have also picked up ornaments during my travels. Have a great week.

  4. It all looks very patriotic. I'm quite sure you would never find anything like this in Australia.

  5. Interesting place, Denise, and how nice to see all the presidents. I love the last ornament.

  6. Wow, this decorations are spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  7. How nice! Because I downsized my tree, I no longer use all of my ornaments. Ah, what a sorry looking tree I have.

  8. I'm excited to see all the Christmasy stuff in three weeks. I get so excited when I know I'm going somewhere.

  9. the Presidential-pardoned Thanksgiving White house Turkeys are in the animal display at MV right now (with the camel I suppose) and will live out their cushy lives on the grounds! Many Americans will their cremains to be spread at MV every year.

    Happy Aloha to You, D
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  10. hmmm, i wonder if i picked up an ornament from mt vernon? i usually get a souvenir ornament from our trips so we can remember them when we hang them on our tree...i did get a refrigerator magnet though ;)

    these ornaments look very similar to the "white house" ornaments...i used to collect them but stopped for some reason...need to start back up!

  11. See all works done for your Christmas then, wonderful decs.

  12. What a beautiful collection of ornaments!

  13. what great trees and ornaments, very classy.


  14. Nice job capturing so many ornaments. I am interested to learn about this grist mill and distillery!

  15. Wonderful ornaments indeed. The miniatures of the presidents are particularly charming and the ornaments of the Mount Vernon made it all so homely.
    I have a little, very old glass ornament of the church from the town where my mother was born. It is one of those things one treasures through many generations.
    A lovely, well researched post indeed.

  16. The tree ornaments are beautiful. I like the camel! I'm intrigued! Thanks for sharing as I know from experience how difficult it is to take photos in a
    display setting when you have limited time!

  17. That is the young Martha in the painting....This was a delightful display, Denise! Oh, how I wish we could go! Darn! :-) What a great place to be around Christmastime!

  18. I like the ornament of the painting of Mount Vernon, as well as the glass ornament showcasing Mount Vernon.

  19. I think you did a wonderful job of capturing the ornaments on the Christmas tree. I've visited Mount Vernon in the summer, but I think it would be neat to visit during the Christmas season.

  20. Very good! I enjoy old houses all decked out for Christmas and interesting decorations. I wonder why you couldn't find a picture of our current President.

  21. I really enjoyed looking at all the ornaments, Denise. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous as always but it's extra fun to see the ornaments close up.

  22. Beautiful Christmas things you show - I love it.
    Wish you a good day.
    Hanne Bente - www.hbt.finus.dk

  23. Beautiful Christmas decorations and the desserts in the next post sound great.