Friday, December 14, 2012


This morning as I was sitting on the floor decorating the Christmas Tree, deep in concentration at my task, I was startled to see a small face appear at the window.  It was this little chap, with his tiny paws resting on the ledge and staring at me through the glass, much closer to me than he is in this shot.   He disappeared quickly but then a few minutes later, reappeared and stayed longer, staring long and hard.  I looked outside and realized I had been slow in putting his peanuts out that morning.  I immediately grabbed the bag, opened the door and tossed a handful out.  Gregg, who had been reading the paper and who witnessed all this, said that he had never seen a human so well-trained by squirrels.  Clever little things aren't they?

Was that a knock I heard on my door?
Am I imagining it; was it there?
Moving from kitchen to living room,
towards the outside door, peer out
a squirrel, one of THOSE squirrels,
looks at me, expectantly, urgently,
demandingly, for a prize, a treat,
oh so smart am I, getting the human 
that primate to do my bidding.
Was it really him that caused my stride
to the closed and locked door,
or was he a lucky beneficiary of fate
ready, opportunistic.
Great, now I need surveillance cameras
to monitor my door for 
squirrelian perpetrators of 'ring and run'.
Was he laughing as I closed the door?

~Raymond A. Foss~

Yes he was!

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