Saturday, November 10, 2012


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These flowers were in the same bouquet that I bought last weekend.  I put them on the mantle.  If you enlarge the photo you will see our Moms.  Gregg's Mom is on the left hand side and mine is on the right.  She is holding me on my Christening day.  You will also see a print of the village that I was living in when I met Gregg 37 years ago.  We were married in the church and later our son was Christened there.  You can see another post about it here. I have four Harrop collectible dogs, all dressed in a British theme.  Three of them are bulldogs; Winston Churchill, a Policeman and John Bull, and the other is a foxhound in red riding gear.  I've shared a post about all these before which you can see here.  There is also a small pill box with a fox's portrait painted on the top.  I'll take a photo of it some other time and share it another day.

I hope you enjoy the sunflowers.  I took several shots outside while the sun was shining.

One last one back inside.


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