Monday, November 19, 2012

Our new guest room

This is a post I scheduled a few days ago as this week we're expecting company.  Family will be staying with us over the Thanksgiving holiday, arriving on Wednesday and leaving the following Monday. So much to do before. with lots of shopping and housework and very little computer time, you know how it goes.  I don't think I will be able to stay off here entirely and will try and visit in the occasional quiet moment.


As I have mentioned occasionally I have been clearing out one of our rooms upstairs.  I used it as an old craft room back in the day when I made and painted my wooden Christmas Ornaments, but those days are long gone.  With Thanksgiving coming and on learning we were getting extra company we realized we needed another guest room, and I must say I had fun clearing it all out once I got going. 

 This room had been used to store anything and everything, and like a snowball running downhill it got totally out of hand as it was only too easy to throw things in. Before I tackled this project I would occasionally peek in, roll my eyes and tell myself that it was an impossible task, quickly close the door behind me and pretend there was nothing beyond it.  The time-crunch arrived with our impending company and it gave me that extra incentive.  I carried out that good old fashioned rule when clearing out the impossible and took those baby steps. At first I would do ten minutes here, ten minutes there and then as I could see that tiny light at the end of the tunnel, I gathered momentum.  The only thing that was needed to finish it off, was to put up one last print over the chest of drawers and to hang some curtains.  Gregg did that today.  

I should have taken a 'before' picture but doubt that it would have made it on here.  There was no carpet visible and boxes upon boxes practically from floor to ceiling.  

Here's Gregg putting up those curtains.  Later the print.  Thanks Hun!

And just like when stepping through the British Embassy doors and you are in a different country, the same applies to our new guest room. You find yourself in a little bit of England.

Gregg said it feels like a British Bed and Breakfast.

My British teddies made their presence known. I started off this small collection and a few have been given to me by family and friends.  The print above them is of the village I lived in 37 years ago before moving to the States.  When I found the artist online last year I bought two of them with slightly varying scenes.  The other is downstairs in the family room.  

You can also see my Dad's photo and one of my grandmother, my Mother's mom.  I borrowed Nanny from another spot to get the feel of the arrangement.  I'm busy looking for another old photo of Dad and Nanny will go back to her old spot. The bobby's helmet I bought from a catalog years ago when this company, as their story goes, bought all the old bobby helmets from the Manchester Police Force, and were exchanging them for the flat cap.  Dad never, not to my memory anyhow, wore one in his uniform days, as you can you can probably make out in that old photo.

Another angle leading out to the hallway.  As you look out the door, just to the right is Brad's old bedroom.  My next project.  Yes I have another project.

The old book case was left by the previous owners when we moved in 21 years ago, which I thought was very nice of them.  It previously had old paints and craft supplies on the shelves.  I have filled it with DVD's and CD's, and knickknacks.  

I got the idea to put the cups and saucers and teapot up here when I realized there was no room for them downstairs.  More cupboards to go through at another time.

When I saw them I loved the English cottage design.

One last shot of the reading material on the end table.

We still have the old wallpaper to take off and painting to do, but that's going to have to wait until next year.  

Gregg and I were looking at the scratches still visible on the door and smiled.  They belonged to our now long departed little pooch who got upset with us when we put her in there.  We hadn't long moved in and the room was still empty.  

We had someone visit us who was afraid of dogs.  We decided to keep her upstairs for an hour where we thought she would fall asleep.  Instead she objected by scratching furiously at the door.  When I saw those then deep gouges on the door frame I wasn't a happy camper but I couldn't be mad at her because she was very discombobulated with the move from one house to another, totally out of sorts.  We gave her lots of extra love and attention and she, like us, gradually settled into her new home.  

We did our best to sand those scratches down but they were pretty deep.  Now I look at them and remember how much we miss her, and it also reminded us of all the joy she brought us over the years.