Monday, November 5, 2012

Old Photos

It has been a while since I posted any old photos. These are of husband Gregg as a little boy when his Dad was stationed in Puerto Rico in 1950.  He just reminded me that in the same year as my birth, he was running around in the sugar cane fields with his friend Gene. There are stories that come out of that time, like when he and Gene interrupted the Sunday service at the base chapel, by bringing a goat into the church they had found walking around outside.   

Gregg is on the right, his friend Gene on the left.

 Here he is again with "Ear's" his dog.....

and one with his Dad.

Gregg's brother was born in Puerto Rico.  The family had a very happy time there and years later, with their own families, his brother and sister went back on a vacation.   We have yet to have that pleasure.

Added memory from Gregg: "I remember getting behind the wheel of that big old Ford, somehow getting it into gear and rolling it down the hill.  I hit a tree and the car had a dent but I was fine.  I was probably four at the time." that's where Brad got it from.  Gregg kept telling me that mischievous side must have come from my side of the family, and yes Brad we are only kidding, honest!  And yes I am smiling.