Thursday, November 22, 2012


Another previously scheduled post for today and actually wrote it last weekend.  This week we have company for the holiday and my time on the computer will be limited.  For those of you who are celebrating it, I wish you A Very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone else has a wonderful day.

Please feel free to enlarge all the photos if you would like a more detailed look.

This is a repeat and part of a post that I shared a while back, telling of the time when Gregg was on an exchange tour with the Royal Navy, while Gregg was still serving with the USN.  You can read the full post here.

On arrival in England he was sent to HMS Bulwark for four months.  Much to his surprise and delight and because he was the only American on board, the Hong Kong Chief in charge of the wardroom gave him a surprise Thanksgiving Meal, and he had the honor of cutting the cake.