Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Arlington National Cemetery

Over the Thanksgiving holiday our family went to Arlington National Cemetery.  If you click here the link will take you to their official website.   There will be lots of links in this post, you just click on the different colored writing to get to them.

Whenever we have had company we almost always are asked if we could take them to Arlington.  We are only too happy to oblige.

It is full of history, it is beautiful, sacred and at times very emotional, especially as now we have not only a very dear and very special family member buried here, whom we visit several times during the year, but also many old friends.  And of course while I visit them my thoughts will also be with my family across the Pond.  You can't help but feel reflective for all the souls resting here.

As long as we live in this area we will visit them often.

Last Saturday I posted about a little dog who decided we were friendly enough to visit.  She got quite a fuss.

There are many recognizable names on the tombstones, Joe Louis, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion from 1937 to 1949.

You'll notice there are stones on the top of the grave markers.  If you click here this will take you to a great blog where the article explains the tradition.  You can also read several posts on Arlington  here.  I did this yesterday as I discovered older posts and spent a very enjoyable time reading them.

Lee Dad was a big fan and watched a lot of Lee Marvin movies way back when.  Years later I think he would have enjoyed the fact that his grandson was a big fan too and watched the same movies.  I placed the stone on Mr. Marvin's grave and you may think me a bit silly but I silently thanked him for that connection and may he rest in peace.  

And Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, who later in his career was the Commanding Officer for Marine Fighter Squadron 214, better known as The Black Sheep Squadron.  

Audie Murphy is also buried at Arlington.  I visited his grave a couple of summers back.

If you want to know more about these people, you can click on their names and follow the links.

I found this quote on one of the gravestones, worthy of sharing.

The following shows the sign leading up to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It always attracts a very large crowd and people sometimes forget this is a very sacred place, being rather noisy at times.  They are always gently but politely reminded by one of the honor guard to please be quiet and show respect.

My family also visited the Kennedy Grave.  

At one point we could see the United States Airforce Memorial in the distance.

and I took photos of this lovely statue.....

with one last photo of the scene you can see in my present header.


  1. I love to photograph in a graveyard too, my best one was the Rock Cemetery in Nottingham.
    These are great shots and the plus is the famous people.

  2. Enjoyable post, full of interesting links. Thanks for sharing. I haven't been there in many, many years. ~karen

  3. I like to go to the country cemeteries and walk through and read them most are from the 16, 17 and 18 hundreds and pay my respects as they may not have anyone to visit them due to they were buried there hundreds of years ago ! Wonderful photos . Have a good day !

  4. Thanks for the links explaining the small stones and Pappy Boyington. I learned something today.

  5. What a wonderful post, Denise. This is a beautiful cemetery. Thank you so much for sharing this "from the heart" post. Thanks as well for your kind comments on my blog, it means so much to me.

  6. Beautiful photos, Denise! I have been wanting to visit this cemetery ever since my cousin had my uncle moved there. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely evening!

  7. My sister in law's mother was buried there recently. She now rests with her husband who died years ago.

  8. Denise: Wonderful captures from a special place. You are so lucky to be close enough to visit this cemetery. Your tree with color is a great photo.

  9. Thanks for the information on Arlington, Denise. We have never visited on our trips to D.C. I did know of the men you mentioned in the post, but learned more from following the provided links.

  10. Very nice post, Denise. We've never been to Arlington -but would love to visit there sometime. Very sobering, isn't it?

  11. It is such a lovely place. We were honored to attend the furneral of a dear Colonel friend a few years ago there in the chapel. With the horse drawn caisson, the uniformed serviceman and gun salute it was a very sobering experince that I'll never forget.
    On a lighter note I'll also never foget that my class took our 8th grade trip to DC. My girlfriend and I were walking around the cemetery and almost missed catching the bus to the next stop. I would not go with her by ourselves for the rest of the trip. :)

  12. Art has been there, but I've only seen it from a distance. I've only been to the Punchbowl Cemetery here in Hawaii. I would like to see Arlington someday soon. Thank you for posting the Air Force Memorial. Art was in the Air Force, but didn't know about that monument.

  13. A very special place to go to with your visitors.
    I hope you're having a peaceful week.

  14. Thank you for this post, Denise. Arlington Cemetery is so well known and I wish I could visit. Fancy seeing the gravestone of Lee Marvin, he was a particular favourite of mine.

  15. Hi Denise, Thanks for the beautiful photo tour and interesting links of the Arlington National Cemetery, quite a special place. Have a good day!

  16. oh how i love arlington! my husband is a former marine so we had to track down pappy boyington :)
    did you see the hub-bub about that idiot woman who was disrespectful at the tomb of the unknown? it's disgusting.

  17. Cemeteries are often beautiful, peaceful places. The older the better. I loved this post - thank you.

  18. A wonderful place to visit and interesting to see all the famous names.

  19. This was a WONDERFUL post! I have been to Arlington several times and sure do miss getting the opportunity to do so. I don't think I have ever wandered through the graves though, just on the perifery, of course toured through the house, and went to the Unknown Soldier grave. This was so interesting. You took a lot of time to include a lot of info and I enjoyed it very much!


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