Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Pure Pasty Co., a pure gem of a place.

On Sunday Gregg and I drove over to the town of Vienna for a late lunch.  It's a little over 15 miles from our house and this was our third visit.  (These photos are from our first visit in September).  A friend who lives in Georgia had seen the shop on the internet and wanted to know if I had heard of it.  I had not but I am very grateful to her because if you are looking for a first class taste sensation, this place is it.  

There are always several people in line waiting to be served, it is very popular.  They make the best Cornish Pasties I have ever tasted and Gregg agrees.  There is a small dining area in the corner of the shop but yesterday we arrived on the later side, near closing time.  I am sure they would not have minded us staying and we didn't even ask, but we opted to eat our pasties in the car and oh my, they were straight out of the oven.  We don't often have a car picnic but ours was a wonderful one as we sat chatting and eating our ever so delicious pasty.

One of the many reasons I enjoy this place is that it is organic, hence the catchy title, "The Pure Pasty Co."   So far we have tried their traditional pasty, the sausage rolls and a steak and stilton pie.  There are other varieties as you'll see on the menu board.  They also offer soup and salad.

And then there are a lot of the British food items you can buy, many I remember from way back.  Each time we have left with a bagful of goodies and enjoyed them over several days.

Here is a brief history of the Cornish Pasty, of which there are hundreds of stories, but a popular one is that of safety for the Cornish miners.  The pasty has a crimped edge of crust which was used as a handle.  Because there was arsenic in many of the tin mines, the pasties would be held by this crimped edge.  The main part of the pasty would be eaten and, when they got down to the crimped edge, that would be tossed aside.

I have memories of eating them when I was in England, and one time when I was so looking forward to going to my favorite pasty shop on one trip back home, after living in the States for several years, I found it gone and in its place was another shop advertising "American Hamburgers!"  I was not a happy camper to say the least.  In fact, I think I was very, very disappointed, I might have said a rude word and I don't usually say rude words.  I didn't want a hamburger, I wanted my pasty but there you go.

Anyhow, after all these years I have discovered another favorite pasty shop and hot out of the oven  is what we had at The Pure Pasty Co.  So if you find yourself in Vienna, Virginia and want an amazingly tasty treat, go check them out.  The link to their home page can be found here.

Did you know there is a Cornish Pasty Association?  You can check them out if you click here.  This page will also give you more history of this delectable treat.

Added note:  Hello Friends, thank you all for taking the time to visit and leave me a comment.  It looks like I have been making many of you hungry:-)   Ah yes, fancy finding English food in town called Vienna.  It would have been lovely to have a Cornish Pasty in Cornwall, I remember them well.  Nothing like them but have to say these pasties are awesome and their pastry is so flaky and delicious!  I will be trying all the others available on our many trips back there.   I have heard pasties are like the meat pies in the northern states like Minnesota, perhaps because some of those miners emigrated there do you think?  As you know I don’t publish anonymous comments but I do read them and to Anonymous who said, “I simply wanted to take time to make a comment and say I have really enjoyed  reading your site.   Thank you, that is very kind of you and it is much appreciated as I appreciate everyone who visits here.