Monday, October 1, 2012

Ducks, funny, comical and they can tug at your heart strings at times....

Gregg and I went to Cox Farms on Mount Pleasant Road last Saturday.  All I wanted was to look at the flowers but we found that they were having their annual fall festival.  We had not planned on this.  I posted about it either last year or the year before, I can't remember now, but as it was a good memory for both of us that last time, we decided to wait in a very long line to get our tickets.  It had just opened and there were at least a hundred people in front of us, all with small children ranging from those still in their push chairs to those who were having a hard time standing still with the excitement of it all.  This is a great place to go as there are hay rides, lots of farm animals and other fun activities for little kids and big kids alike. You can see a copy of the map here.  They were well organized, we got our tickets very quickly, and in we went.

One of our first stops was the barn and on the outside we could see these young ducklings swimming in the pool.  Someone had put a plank of wood for their easy access to the water, but it had been knocked back into the paddling pool.  One little duck, the one in the water in the photo above and below, was having the dickens of a time getting out and was very distressed. Most definitely he was not a happy little duck and was squawking loudly.  The cutest thing happened though.  The other white duckling about to exit through the door - a brother or a sister perhaps - waddled back to him and started quacking away, no doubt encouraging its sibling to keep up the effort, which it did and not too long after it was able to get out of the pond.  It was such a cute display of how even siblings in the ducky world can take care of each other, and there was a collective 'awwwwwww' from the onlookers, me included, bunch of soppies that we were.

I am not sure what kind of duckling.....

but those little fluffs of 'cotton wool' on its head sure was adorable, and look at those wing!

This is on the other side of the entryway inside the barn, and by the time we walked through, sister and brother were back to normal doing ducky things.

This is Gregg's photo.  Always fun to get home and see what we have been taking photos of.  Sometimes we find we've taken shots of the exact same thing.