Thursday, October 25, 2012

A mini road trip to Baltimore

Yesterday afternoon around three we headed over to Baltimore.  It's a nice journey, long enough to feel you are going on a mini road trip and yet short enough to get there and back without too much hassle.  There is always the traffic of course.  Going we had to deal with rush hour but it wasn't so bad really.  Coming back, even though there was still a lot of traffic, it was all free flowing and the journey home went faster.  Before we knew it we were rolling into the garage.

Gregg's brother and our niece were in town overnight and they asked us if we would like to meet up for dinner.  We said yes of course and we had a lovely time visiting with them and chatting over our meal.  We picked them up at their hotel and drove the short distance to the restaurant. There were several we could have walked to from where we had parked our car. but we chose the closest one which was McCormick and Schmicks.  The link is right here if you want to take a look.  The food was great and our waiter was very friendly.  He would definitely be someone we would go out of our way to ask for again if we went back.

We don't get to see the family nearly as often as we would like, so when these opportunities arise we consider them as true gifts.  I dearly hope we will get another one in the not too distant future.

The first three photos are the only shots we took yesterday near the Inner Harbor.

Today Gregg went into the office, even though most days he works at home, that is unless he is spending time with clients and might have to drive into Washington DC.  He got all his work done and arrived at our house in the early afternoon.  We had some dry-cleaning to pick up and as it was 2.00 p.m. and I had not eaten yet, and Gregg had not had anything since breakfast, we decided to drive over to Noodle & Company for lunch.   

By the time that was all done it was again rush hour and we took the back roads, which is so much prettier with hardly any traffic.  We always pass an equestrian center on this route and as we had no cars behind us I asked Gregg to stop so that I could take a couple of pictures.

Not only do they have regular riding lessons but they also give classes for children with special needs.  We sometimes pass by when the horses are being put through their paces, but today they were busy munching on grass.

One last photo of our neighbor's friendly pumpkin, and that's been our day so far.