Thursday, September 20, 2012

The British Red Devils, Air Show at Oceana, Virginia Beach

What is it with people jumping from great heights?  What is it with an English woman who thinks this is a most amazing fete, as there is not a snow ball's chance in you-know-where that she would ever do it. I have read people a lot older than me parachuting for the first time on their 80th birthday.  Well done says I but there is no way.  I have a hard time climbing onto a step ladder, although in my time I rode roller coasters and remember climbing down a cliff quite regularly with my Dad to get to a fishing spot he loved, and one memory climbing up a cliff when my friends and I hadn't been very watchful and the tide threatened to box us in. Those days are behind me, I like to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.  No more roller coasters, no more cliffs to climb.  However, watching these daring performances that day was very exciting. 

Tiny spots in the sky, jumping out of the airplane.

They were colorful, fun, incredible!  I really enjoyed them.

The day started off with dark, ominous clouds but in this direction blue skies had started to appear.

First man on the ground was the one carrying the Stars and Stripes....

and then came the rest.

There was to be another display later on in the day but the winds picked up and they weren't able to perform again.  What we did see was enjoyable and impressive.  Well done British Red Devils!

This is what I found online:

The Red Devils were formed in 1964 and became the official British Army parachute display team in 1979.  All team members are serving soldiers in the Parachute Regiment, of which there are three regular Battalions.  Team members must have a minimum of two hundred jumps before being qualified to participate in public displays.  Within each team is a dedicated cameraman whose task it is to capture each display on film and also to produce photography such as seen on this web site.  There is also a rigger within each team; he is responsible for the care and maintenance of the teams parachute equipment.  The team enjoys high profile media coverage including many television and magazine appearances.  In addition they are seen throughout the year at a variety of sporting and other public venues.

You can find their web site here.


  1. Looks spectacular. I've never seen the Red Devils.

  2. Wonderful photos ! I love the fighter jets CF 18's I used to go to air shows quite a lot but they don't have them much here any more ! Have a good day !

  3. Hi Denise....I hear ya!! Not on my list of things I want to do before I die!!! : }
    Kudos to those people who as crazy enough to give us a thrill while we can keep our feet planted firmly on the ground!
    Thanks for the show!!

  4. I'm always nervous when I see parachutists, and don't stop feeling ill until they are all safely on terra firma.
    Jane x

  5. Lovely!! captured it so well..thanks for sharing..