Friday, September 7, 2012


I have many favorite visitors to my deck, this is one of them.  I find Chipmunks very comical little characters.  I sat on the carpet for half an hour, on the opposite side of the glass, watching him come and go while he scurried back and forth, filling his cheeks to the max with those peanuts, shell and all.    

By this time he's gotten used to the lady with the black box, but.....

We occasionally have a conversation like this one here where I tried to give him advice on how to be nice to his Mrs.  I think it must have worked because he has a fine looking tail (not chewed up at all).

I think he finally remembered because he gave me a lovely smile and came closer to the glass.

How are you doing little fella?


Hmmmm......I don't think they'll be too happy about that either.

I certainly am but you know what, you've got to stop chewing up the deck?


Hey, I think someone is telling porkies!

Sorry Mr. Chipmunk, that's English slang, Cockney actually.  It short for "pork pies", translation  "lies".  Our little squirrel is trying to point the finger elsewhere instead of owning up to the truth.  And there I was looking at Gregg a little strangely for a while.  

That's great, you do that.  See you next time!

I'm proud of you for telling the truth little buddy, and Gregg is too.

Hold on, I have to go to the store.  Be back in half an hour.  
I have to tell you Mr. Chipmunk, the cashier is looking at me real funny these days with all these bags of peanuts I keep putting in my basket.  I told her I was making a lot of peanut butter.  Uh, oh?  I'm telling porkies, aren't I?


Thank you Misty for hosting Camera Critters.  I always look forward to it each Saturday.  
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