Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Book Festival, Washington DC

Last Saturday Gregg and I drove into Washington DC so that we could walk around the book fair.  We have First Lady Laura Bush to thank for this as she hosted the first one in 2001 and continued through to 2008.  Previously when she was the First Lady of Texas, she helped to establish the Texas Book Festival.  She was employed as a librarian in her younger days.  While her husband was in office she was a big proponent of education and literacy.  

We had another reason to visit as under this tent was our son who was volunteering that day by selling books to the masses.  

Those are pretty fancy tents and each one had several air-conditioning units going at full blast.  

That's our boy.....

waving to the next customer to come on down the line.

He was far too busy and so we stayed only for a very quick hello and see you later.  We found this police motorcycle outside and Gregg asked me to take a photo of him standing behind it.  Even though we don't own one we are always drawn to them.

and of course I am always drawn to.....
 Isn't he a beauty?

I thought I had made a note of this gentleman who was giving a reading, but I apparently forgot.  I loved how the bird on the canvas behind him seemed to be looking over his shoulder at his book.  Maybe some of you out there will recognize him and let me know who he is because what he was reading peaked my interest, but then after walking around in the heat for a couple of hours, oh boy, the old brain box was fizzled.

I was surprised to see this brightly painted stagecoach under another tent....

and the benches were really neat too.

The author of Jack, A Well's Fargo Legend, was going to give a reading.  If you want to know who Jack was there is an interesting history of him here.

We were attracted to the musical band under this tent.

These I did make a note of and you can read about them here.  Justin Roberts and The Not Ready For Naptime Players.  They were very good and parents and kids were enjoying their music, as were we.

Here's a video I took.  Apologies for the poor quality as it's blurry in the beginning and then gets a bit better as it goes on, but I wanted you to hear the music.

We finally found a nice shady spot under the trees....

and you can see the turret of The Castle not too far behind them.

There were no seats so I took a careful look around and plonked myself on the grass for a read of the pamphlets we had picked up.

You will have to enlarge the photo below to get the full gist of things.

Gregg's motto is 'never give up' and here he is standing next to a temporary column with all the information and maps pertaining to the festival.

Gregg took many of the photos in this post.

Do you see this neat bike?  In front is a 'carriage' big enough for a small person or child, or as in this case goodies from the festival, I'm presuming.

I daresay we will be watching programs about the festival on C-Span for quite a while.

And so we moved on.  Our next stop was at the Natural History Museum.  This is one of my favorites among the Smithsonian Museums.   Whenever we go into the city we take turns on whose favorite we would like to visit.  By this time we were ready for a bit of lunch and stopped off at the cafe inside first, and then browsed around for an hour.  It wasn't that crowded really, not like the last time we tried to get in there a couple of months back and gave up.  That will be in another post.