Friday, August 10, 2012

Postcards from Hawaii

In the cleaning up frenzy that I sometimes get into - gasp - this usually when I try to find things later and realize they have been 'put in a box somewhere' (another family joke) and can't find diddlysquat afterwards, I found a lot of cards and postcards I had bought when we were in Hawaii a few years back.  I think they are probably from the last two vacations we took as before going to Oahu, a few years before that we also went to Maui.

Going further back than that we took two other vacations in Hawaii, my first one when Gregg was still in the navy and on a ship that had been deployed for six months.  His ship was going to stop in Oahu for a couple of days before the final leg home, and he had arranged to leave the ship there as it was the end of his duty station. This was in 1984 and Brad was five at the time.  I was not leaving our child at home after his Daddy had been gone for so long, and he and I flew out with several other wives to meet the ship. When it sailed in we were fit to burst with excitement.  Gregg was a very welcome sight when we finally spotted him on the deck and it was a joyful reunion. The three of us spent a great time enjoying the things you would see with a five year old, like the pancake house and the zoo, the toy store, as well as touring that beautiful island.

In my box of treasures there are also old stubs and sales receipts, even a business card that I had intended to put in a scrapbook. I still occasionally look at the photos and travel back to those beautiful islands.  Some day I intend to make a book via one of those online book makers, and hopefully the day will come when we will find ourselves heading out there again.  In the meantime I have my box of treasures and will enjoy plowing through all the good memories.

The business card is from our trip to Maui years later.  I wonder if Alika is still there.  Her flowers were truly gorgeous and I bought a couple of her leis during the holiday and also a garland for the hair, though I never wore it except in my hotel room.  I hung it over the mirror and loved its scent whenever I came into the room.  I just stared at it the whole holiday, picking it up, gathering it in my hands and drawing it up to my nose to smell its exquisite scent every day.  If, or should I say when, we get back to Maui, I'm going to check to see if her stand is still in Lahaina.
This is the hotel we stayed at.  One of the neatest events was on a Friday evening when a group of local children, and if I remember correctly, they were the children of the staff from the hotel, at least that's how I think it all started out, these children ranging from about six to 16 danced to traditional music.  They were fantastic and a joy to watch, one of the sweetest memories from our holiday.
I also found this online.

Kimo's Hawaiian Rules

Never judge a day by the weather.
The best things in life aren't things.
Tell the truth - there's less to remember.
Speak softly and wear a loud shirt.
Goals are deceptive - the unaimed arrow never misses.
He who dies with the most toys - still dies.
Age is relative - when you're over the hill, you pick up speed.
There are two ways to be rich - make more or desire less.
Beauty is internal - looks mean nothing.
No rain, no rainbows!

Oluwalo, Maui
"On the road to Lahaina you will pass this area of cane fields on the plains between the west Maui mountains and the sea.  A cane fire has just been started to prepare the field for harvesting."

I have a lot more postcards that I will share in a future post but for the time being I wanted to leave you with the beautiful Princess Kaiulani, who sadly passed away at the age of 23.  You may have to enlarge the information written below each one as it seems a bit faint here.  They were scanned from the back of the card.  Feel free to enlarge all the photos.  I think maybe I have shared a few of these before, and may be repeating the story also, but if I have I hope you don't mind me visiting them again.  I daresay that could happen frequently in the life of this blog.

At 7.21 p.m. our time we have just finished watching a game in the Little League World Series with Hawaii winning 6 to 5.  Good luck in the game tomorrow.

I'd like to dedicate this post to all my Hawaiian friends, especially Cloudia, Kay and Gigi, and to all the Hawaiian people who live in what I consider a corner of Paradise.  


  1. Oh man - those pictures. It's 115 today and I want to be there right this very minutes. I've only been to Hawaii three times and it's not near enough. :)

  2. What wonderful treasure u possess..all the postcards are so colorful and I doubt if the second and the seventh are postcards or real photographs..Princess Kaiulani looks so graceful and her story saddens me..the poems is also so very melancholic..A wonderful post!!

  3. sounds like you have some wonderful memories. :)

  4. What a lovely post and gesture, dear Denise. Thanks so much.

    Have a sweet weekend!
    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  5. Denise, wonderful memories of your Hawaii trips. Maui was one of my favorites islands. I am sure it was a happy time to go over and meet your hubby when the ship docked. Nice post, thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Amazing how white the Princess wanted to look. It makes one so sad to have influenced aboriginal cultures so badly.
    Lovely documentary, however.
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  7. Wasn't there a movie or a book written about Princess Kaiulani? I tend to remember reading about her or watching a movie about her life ...

  8. Your postcards capture the colorfulness of Hawaii. And you mention the fragrance of the flower leis you purchased. Yes, it was the fragrance and bright colors of Hawaii that I missed most when I lived abroad. Hawaii no ka oi. (Hawaii is the best.)

  9. Interesting to read about Princess Kaiulani (hope the spelling is correct). You have so many memories in your 'boxes' ... what fun to wade through them from time to time.

  10. It does look to be an amazingly beautiful place. And I always look forward to Cloudia's posts. Thank you.

  11. Very very nice post. I learned a trick from years ago to buy lots of postcards when I visited somewhere. They are usually better photos than what I can take.

  12. Wonderful history and background Denise, so glad you pulled these out.

  13. Nice post, some of these could be worth a few £££s.

  14. Beautiful history and very fine illustrations. I am greeting

  15. A great flood of memories jogged by a clean up. It pays to clean up or is looking for something. I have the same problem. Hope you get back there when Greg retires.

  16. Goodness...what a wonderful group of pictures. I really enjoyed all of them. Thanks for sharing them!

  17. Thanks for a post and commentary on a state I hope to visit (someday) Denise. Postcards can truly bring back thoughts of places visited and memories made.

  18. it is indeed great to have a box of treasure that we could open up once a while to live the beautiful memories.

  19. I have SO much to say about your post! Let me start with the fact that I truly enjoyed the post cards! What wonderful remembrances you have of your times there! Secondly, I lived in Hawaii for six months when I was six years old. My brother was born there at Tripler Army Hospital. My Dad was stationed there and after six months was offered a duty station change to Midway Island where we then lived for the next year and a half. I remember a LOT about Midway....not so much about Hawaii. But what I do remember is very sweet: sights and smells and sounds that are unique to the Isalnds. I am so glad I was there, even if I was so small!

    Secondly, there is a movie about the Princess and it is wonderful. I highly recommend it! Can't remember the name but it could be Googled.

    And thirdly, you have inspired me to do a post of something I have that it a real treasure from my childhood there, and I will do that soon! Thanks for this wonderful post, Denise!

    By the way, I wanted to tell you that I am not shocked you are hearing of coyotes in Fairfax Co. They seem to be all over the country now, and some are thriving in city areas. Most people don't see them though (even here, though I saw one trying to cross a busy street a few months back that changed its mind because of the heavy traffic and stayed on the original side! And prior to that we saw one urinating on the side of a neighborhood street not far from a shopping center) because they are very secretive and find good places to hide. You hardly know they are there!

    All my best to you and yours...can't wait to see the rest of the post cards in a future post!

  20. Ahhhh... Denise. Thank you so much for this post. I LOVED it! I'm sorry I've been away so long. I'm once more in the midst of scanning family photos. It's taking me so long. I just took a break and decided to see what you were all up to. These postcards are so much fun to look at. I hope you'll come back to Hawaii someday. Do let us know if you do so we can come and see you.