Friday, August 31, 2012

My favorite coffee shop.....

has several of their favorite beverage how-to's online.  Recipes offered are Frappuccino and Chai Tea, and also on the pastry side, scones and coffeecakes.  Alas not our favorite Lemon Pound Cake but maybe just as well.  You can find them if you click here.

(this is an animation I found online)

I had a nice surprise yesterday as there was a rat-a-tat-tat on the door around noon.  It was son dropping by for a visit.  I had misplaced my phone and did not get his message to tell me he was heading on over, but I'm glad because it was such a lovely surprise.  As I was doing a good impression of Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, I suggested lunch at a favorite place Gregg and I go to when we feel like having dinner out, Bangkok City Thai Restaurant in Centreville.  It has become our favorite place for Thai food.  The staff in there are nice and friendly and the food is great.  You can see their home page here.

Brad helped me out by taking me over to the supermarket on our way back where I replenished pantry supplies.  He also moved the sofa away from the wall when I asked him, so that I could do some vacuuming after he had left, and changed a couple of light bulbs that popped recently.  Nice to have a tall son who doesn't need a stepladder to reach the ceiling fixtures!   Gregg's honeydew list got a little shorter today.