Thursday, August 23, 2012

More photos from Walney Pond

Crossing the bridge just past the pond, we always enjoy stopping in the middle and looking down into the water.

I always love looking at the reflections from the overhanging trees.

Gregg has had his photo taken on the bridge a lot, in all seasons.

We are on the other side and beyond the bench and picnic table is our pond....

which calls us back.  To the right of Gregg out of sight, is the now vacated beaver lodge.

I am standing on a brand new platform that replaced the old one a couple of months ago.  It's a favorite spot for fishing, or just looking out at the water like we do.

The Cardinal flowers were blooming, they always look pretty surrounded by all that greenery.

The lilypads were looking a little on the bleak side in parts but the lilies were as beautiful as ever.

This is a smoothed out indentation on the bed of the pond, made by a fish which I told you about in the previous post. You can see a small one in the middle just barely.  It's not going anywhere, guarding its territory and chasing off any other fish who dares to try and take it over.  What I noticed was, and if you stretch your imagination a little, just a little, you can almost see that the hole is heart-shaped.  I thought that was pretty neat.

"Smile Denise!!!"  "Look at the camera!"  "Denise?"  "Look at the camera!!!"  "Show some teeth!" Okay, so I'm not feeling like looking at the camera today Gregg, or showing my teeth, but I'm smiling, sort of.

There were a few wildflowers here and there....

and for the first time at the pond we saw some kind of heron.  He was a small one but he flew like a heron.  We disturbed him and he decided to fly to the other side where he disappeared in the marshy undergrowth.  This is about as best as I could get because he was gone in a split second.

I returned to things that I knew would stay still, like the interesting looking grasses....

and the waterlilies again.....

leaving off with a very lonely lilypad in the middle of the pond that Gregg asked me to take a photo of.