Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's our son's birthday today.  Gregg and I went out for a coffee/iced tea last night and talked about the day he came into this world, at Long Beach Naval Hospital, California at 10.22 p.m. Where did those 33 years go?  He has been a joy to us his whole life and has grown into a real fine young man whom we are very proud of.

This photo was taken in the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire in 1984, when he was four years old.  My sister and her husband used to live in a village near  the city of Worcester and not that far from Stratford-on-Avon.

This photo was during the same holiday and we were in their back garden.  In the photo above he was holding an Imperial Guard.  The Stormtrooper mask we made out of a piece of white cardboard that my sister found.  He may not have seen any of the Star Wars movies but he loved those action figures.

(Found this photo online and could not resist)

Brad with his Dad, Virginia Beach, Virginia, early 1980's

And with me at Norfolk Airport, also in Virginia mid 1980's.

At Reston Town Center today, Brad, Lisa and Gregg.  We joined our son and daughter-in-law for a birthday brunch before he had to go home and get ready for work.  No day off for the birthday boy.

And now one with me.

"Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed."
~Mary Oliver~

And I thought son would appreciate these (found online).  He's a big Star Trek fan now.

It's thanks to Lisa and Brad that I can join Camera Critters this week.  They went to the National Zoo yesterday and took these photos.   They are from the aquarium and the reptile house, along with a few other critters - even a big old spider so be warned if you want to go any further.  All photos were taken with a cell phone.

Thank you Misty for hosting Camera Critters.  How I love this meme!
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