Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting the garden all tidied up

In yesterday's post I mentioned that we had to have a lot of yard work done and how pleased we were with the progress, from a weeds gone wild kind of a look to a really nice tidy up job thanks to the gentleman and his crew who did all the hard work.  In the Autumn we are hoping to do some landscaping which we're also looking forward to.  

This is the front of our house.  We've lived here since 1991.  We have a few structural problems and when Gregg retires they will be on his honeydew list.  To the right of the front door we have problems getting plants to grow as there is a slope and the water seems to run off too quickly.  Another project we'll have to take care of for the honeydew list.

This is Gregg's van in the driveway and my car is parked in the garage.  For the first time in ages, yesterday I had a hard time backing out of the garage and almost scraped the van.  I think my biorhythms were way off because I'm usually quite good at that.  However, I haven't forgotten the time I thought he had gone to work one morning and he hadn't.  I backed out that day too and promptly broke his headlight and my tail light.  That was about ten years' ago.

We have a crepe myrtle bush that is blooming at the moment.  I'm at the side of the house looking towards the back, and those are holly bushes that I never want to get rid of as they have the most beautiful red berries later on in the year.

I'm in the back of our house.  That's our deck where I take a lot of my backyard wildlife photos.

We have a bunch of trees in a little island of dirt and this area in the above photo and the one below was full of poison ivy.  I'm glad we hired someone who knows all about this nasty stuff.  We didn't and poor Gregg got a bad dose of blisters and welts when he did some weeding a while back. He had to go to the doctor and get a cortizone shot. That's when we found that this stuff had gone rampant.  We have been trying to tackle it ourselves but there was so much of it we decided to get some professional help.

Another one with more of that island of dirt showing.

And a closer one of the deck.

This is our favorite tree.  I have forgotten what it is already but I love the bark.  Before we moved here another tree had been destroyed by tent moths and it had eventually fallen on the roof.  We learned this from a neighbor but we have had no such problems as at least we're trying to keep an eye out for that sort of thing.

Here it is with vines growing up the side.  We will be getting rid of those too.

This is another crepe myrtle and there is a very large fir tree just beyond it.  We've been told we will need to get these trimmed and topped off.  The crepe myrtle is as tall as the bathroom upstairs and I occasionally get squirrels staring at me through the window.

That's about it for the tour around our garden.  Hopefully next year there will be a whole lot of flowers to show.