Friday, August 3, 2012

Camera Critters

When Gregg looked out the back yesterday he said hey, there's a little bird here that I don't recognize, what is he?  When I looked I told him I thought it was a baby Robin.  I figured his nest was very close and that he hadn't long fledged.  He sat on the rail for the longest time, occasionally his head would move around but he showed no signs of moving and didn't look very sure of himself.  Gregg was worried that he might be hurt but I told him I had observed another baby on the top rail under the leaves a few weeks ago, that he had stayed more or less motionless for a very long time. Eventually his mother came by to feed him. That little bird eventually flew off and I was sure this one would also.  

He was soon joined by another little visitor.  If you look in the top photo you will see a Chipmunk on the bottom left of the picture, as Robin sits on the right.

They looked at each other for quite a while but eventually the Chipmunk's hunger got the better of him.

The Robin just sat there and sat there and sat there.

In the meantime the chipmunk busied himself hunting for peanuts.

A very comical thing happened, all of a sudden it was as if the Chipmunk knew we were right next to the window, his head came up, he stared at us for a couple of seconds and startled, just about jumped out of his skin and took off like greased lightning.  They are fast little critters anyway and don't hang around before they dart down the steps.  But this one didn't even wait to collect his peanuts.  We moved away from the window a little and it wasn't long before he mustered his courage and was stuffing his cheeks per usual.

Now these guys have no such compunction.  I have even had them sit on their hind legs looking through the window if I am late throwing the peanuts out.  I've thought of giving them a dinner bell, they would get better service!

They do make me smile.  They are fussier than most as I have watched squirrels pick up a peanut and drop it, go to another, drop that.  Eventually they will find the right one and take off with one, or two or three.  What is it that they are looking for?  Is it the size, the smell, the shape?  Can they tell if a peanut is a bit 'off''?

After a while they will inevitably have their fill, go take a drink of water and then go up on the top rail and rest for a spell under the shade of the tree.

I have noticed that the Tufted Titmouse likes peanuts also, though I am always amazed when they come down and take off with one that is almost as big as they are.  Every now and again you will see a peanut shell drop out of a tree and hit the deck, and I always know when they have opened the shell and are chomping down on the prize.

They repeat this process many times.

He saw us too but he didn't seem to mind us staring back.

This maybe a juvenile Cardinal.  I know it's a Cardinal but I am not sure if it is a young one or a female.  It looked awfully small compared to other females I have seen.  

Here's one last shot of that little Robin just before he took off.  You can see that even his tail feathers haven't grown in yet but fly he did clever little guy.  He must be getting a lot of practice and was feeling a bit tired.  Either that or he got fed up of waiting for his mother.

Thank you Misty for hosting Camera Critters.  How I love this meme!
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  1. love the baby robins. only get to see the adults here over winter. :) cute chippy, too!

  2. We SO enjoy your stories of animals, Denise!

    Have a Sweet Weekend-
    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  3. I'm so glad he was able to fly away even without all his feathers being mature. LOVE all your photos, Denise.

  4. I've heard a baby robin all afternoon...I think Mum has gone a hunting and left baby to amuse himself.
    Jane x

  5. Hi Denise...Baby Robins I always thought look so comical!!
    I hope this fella's Momma didn't forget about him!!
    You have quite a crew there, enjoying the peanut gallery !
    I love that chipmunk laying close to the deck reaching for peanuts : }
    And the Squirrel all stretched out on the rail : }
    Always entertaining to feed the birds and critters!!

  6. Hi Denise, love your adorable baby robin. Cute post and I enjoyed all the birds and the chipmunk. Thanks for sharing your critters. Have a great weekend!

  7. How entertaining, right from your window !
    The baby Robin looks like he's not left the nest very long ago, and yes, it always makes one wonder if they are hurt, or abandoned by mum ? My biggest threat of course is Oliver the cat, I'm forever keeping an eye out for baby birds who land on the porch....
    Love the pictures of the squirrel and the Chipmunk, they know where their food buffet is ;)
    So sweet.

  8. You got wonderful pictures of all of your 'camera critters'. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What a cute, but informative, story, Denise! You had me enthralled.

  10. The robin is great, sometimes they have a frumpy look. Love all your critters today.

  11. So so glad you actually saw him safely fly away. All of your close up photos were amazing. - such detail. Such really cute critters.

  12. Great photos again! We had a fledgling sparrow that seemed so tired. I put some food right in front of him and he finally ate some and got some strength. I put him in the bushes and hope he did okay.We have a young hawk hanging out in our yard that has eaten a few birds/

  13. You must have been watching for ages, so patient too.

  14. Our baby robins (different to yours) sit still for ages. One of them gets inside the bird feeder cage and just sits, stopping the other birds getting in. I have to smile.

    Our squirrels don't seem fussy with peanuts, they pinch the lot, eat some and bury some for later. They may be a nuisance and destructive but they can be very entertaining.

  15. That was a lovely insight into your world, Denise.

  16. Love this. You have quite the collection of critters.

  17. cute, cute, cute. that very first photo is too precious for words.

    And, I must say, I really, REALLY enjoyed all your critter photos.

    [you should consider adding this post link to my Sunday Bird Photo meme...

    The linking begins at 12:01 each Sunday

    Tigers & Elephants...oh my!

  18. Love the baby robin. Your story of this critter buffet was wonderful! Fun post! Happy Critter Day!

  19. Cute shots of all your little visitors! The baby Robin his so cute - I love his downy tufts!

  20. Chipmunks are the cutest thing!

    Pomeranian, your comment is always highly appreciated! Have a great weekend.

  21. oh, i love this post, this is so special, the pictures are great and so is the story. i did not know the squirrels are that picky with peanuts :) and so touching and inspiring that the baby bird flew despite not having fully developed feathers yet.

  22. This is one of the cutest and most interesting "critters" posts I think I have seen anyone do! I loved all of the sweet little critters, and died laughing over the chipmunk getting scared! :-) The lovely birds and squirrel and chipmunk were all so darling. You had some GREAT visitors!

  23. Lovely photographs.
    Good that you are recording them with your camera. Like the way you make observations :-)

  24. Great pictures you show.
    Wishing you a good Sunday :)

  25. A lovely story about the animals in your garden. I hope the little robin baby will be okay and finds his mother. They are usually not far away. I love the picture with the resting squirel with his legs straight forward. Our rabbit does the same with her legs when she is really relaxed. Have you tried cheese on the titmouse? We used to feed small birds with cheese long ago. Thanks for sharing! I wish you a great sunday!

  26. Denise, just goes to show that wildlife can be seen and photographed on our own back yards and also provide some great entertainment to share. Glad all the critters were safe from predators too.

  27. Looks like you get lots of entertainment from the local wildlife! I like the idea of 'camera critters'!

  28. loved all the photos and personal stories.....I love feeding the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks too....backyard wildlife....

  29. Thank you friends, your comments are always treasured.

  30. That is so much fun! The chipmunks are 'dumb as bricks' to quote hubby. We have one that has a home behind our house. We have 3 cats who love hunting..
    I raised a robin last year, abandoned my mummy as he was ill. He was picked off by another bird. so sad. But we loved him and enjoyed him.
    'Batman' the Robin!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  31. These are all so adorable critters! I love watching them when I fill up my feeder!