Friday, August 3, 2012

Camera Critters

When Gregg looked out the back yesterday he said hey, there's a little bird here that I don't recognize, what is he?  When I looked I told him I thought it was a baby Robin.  I figured his nest was very close and that he hadn't long fledged.  He sat on the rail for the longest time, occasionally his head would move around but he showed no signs of moving and didn't look very sure of himself.  Gregg was worried that he might be hurt but I told him I had observed another baby on the top rail under the leaves a few weeks ago, that he had stayed more or less motionless for a very long time. Eventually his mother came by to feed him. That little bird eventually flew off and I was sure this one would also.  

He was soon joined by another little visitor.  If you look in the top photo you will see a Chipmunk on the bottom left of the picture, as Robin sits on the right.

They looked at each other for quite a while but eventually the Chipmunk's hunger got the better of him.

The Robin just sat there and sat there and sat there.

In the meantime the chipmunk busied himself hunting for peanuts.

A very comical thing happened, all of a sudden it was as if the Chipmunk knew we were right next to the window, his head came up, he stared at us for a couple of seconds and startled, just about jumped out of his skin and took off like greased lightning.  They are fast little critters anyway and don't hang around before they dart down the steps.  But this one didn't even wait to collect his peanuts.  We moved away from the window a little and it wasn't long before he mustered his courage and was stuffing his cheeks per usual.

Now these guys have no such compunction.  I have even had them sit on their hind legs looking through the window if I am late throwing the peanuts out.  I've thought of giving them a dinner bell, they would get better service!

They do make me smile.  They are fussier than most as I have watched squirrels pick up a peanut and drop it, go to another, drop that.  Eventually they will find the right one and take off with one, or two or three.  What is it that they are looking for?  Is it the size, the smell, the shape?  Can they tell if a peanut is a bit 'off''?

After a while they will inevitably have their fill, go take a drink of water and then go up on the top rail and rest for a spell under the shade of the tree.

I have noticed that the Tufted Titmouse likes peanuts also, though I am always amazed when they come down and take off with one that is almost as big as they are.  Every now and again you will see a peanut shell drop out of a tree and hit the deck, and I always know when they have opened the shell and are chomping down on the prize.

They repeat this process many times.

He saw us too but he didn't seem to mind us staring back.

This maybe a juvenile Cardinal.  I know it's a Cardinal but I am not sure if it is a young one or a female.  It looked awfully small compared to other females I have seen.  

Here's one last shot of that little Robin just before he took off.  You can see that even his tail feathers haven't grown in yet but fly he did clever little guy.  He must be getting a lot of practice and was feeling a bit tired.  Either that or he got fed up of waiting for his mother.

Thank you Misty for hosting Camera Critters.  How I love this meme!
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