Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We bought a new Honda at Checkered Flag, Virginia Beach....

and this is Denise's new ride.  

This very nice gentleman is Mr. Paul Sudo.  He sold us a car this weekend and I have to say it was one of the nicest experiences we have ever had.  Having worked at Checkered Flag for many years, Gregg's brother knows these guys and took us down to meet Paul who had our car ready and waiting.  Paul took great care of us and it wasn't long before we were driving out of the dealership.

 In the photo below is a group of Bernese Mountain Dogs.  The two on the left belong to Paul and his wife.  The two on the right belong to a very dear friend of Paul's wife. Well, you know how much I love dogs and Paul told us all about his Berners.  In this picture there is one dog who participates in dog shows, and the way you can find out is.....

by looking at who has the thickest legs, which is the second one from the right.  A lady, she is the one who is eligible to be shown because she has the perfect form for a show dog.  I found that so interesting.  To me they are all beautiful dogs.  Paul has a big folder filled with photos and we looked at every one of them.  I can see his two are greatly loved.  

So, if ever you are in Virginia Beach and need a new car, go and see Paul.  He will treat you with honesty and integrity.  And no I am not doing this for any other reason than that I had a great time at a car dealership.  Over the years we have bought our last four cars from there and Paul is one of those extremely nice people who was a real pleasure to meet.