Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A few photos of Reston Town Center, Virginia

We don't go to the center very often but enjoy it when we do.  It is full of trendy shops, a movie theater, and restaurants.  It's home page is here.

Below, the Mercury Fountain which stands 20 feet tall.  On top you can see the bronze figure of Mercury, Greek Messenger God.  Directly behind me as I am taking a photo of the fountain, is the open-air glass Pavilion which is turned into an ice-skating rink in the winter.  
I found the following online.

"Mercury Fountain was designed by Brazillian-born sculptor Saint Clair Cemin in collaboration with RTKL Associates, architects for Reston Town Center.  His bronze figure of Mercury stands atop a twisting column of Carrara marble with water cascading from twelve snail-like bronze trumpets into tiered pools below.  Located in Fountain Square, which is the focal point of Reston Town Center, the beautiful fountain has become a popular place for friends to meet."

If you are interested in Greek Mythology and would like to know more about Mercury, you can go here.

This is a building which overlooks the fountain.

Obviously a person after my own heart.  As we made our way back to our car we passed a convertible with the top down and I saw the toy lion (I'm assuming) tucked neatly on the dashboard.