Monday, July 16, 2012

The Squirrel and The Chipmunk

In my back garden you have to be fast....

because Mr. Squirrel is saying, "Ah nuts, he beat me again!"

But he needn't worry, there are plenty more where those came from.

Mr. Squirrel really should be more patient and nice, but his instincts always drive him into chasing away the other squirrels - and the chipmunks - from the peanuts I throw out every day. There is enough for everybody.  Mr. Chipmunk is thankfully faster than he, and always escapes with his cheeks stuffed full of peanuts and not with a nipped tail.

"Beware the fury of a patient squirrel man."
~John Dryden~

or he might better learn....

"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

I have used the last one before but it's such a good quote.

He really does need that patience doesn't he?  When will he ever learn?

And the fun begins again tomorrow.