Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Virginia Countryside

A Sunday ride around the Virginia Countryside reminds me very much of the ones I used to take with my family in England.  Good times!

Bring Back The Days
~Tamara Hillman~

Bring back the days
With play an' laughter,
no worry or strife.

Let me Swing so high
In the old apple tree,
Like monkeys in a jungle 
screaming with glee.

I want to chase chickens
Back into their pen,
An' ride the young heifers
'Cross the land again.

Run in the sunshine,
Play in the field,
Hide in the sweet corn,
Eat Apples, unpeeled.

Rope-swing into haylofts,
Ride horses on roads,
Wade Ponds by the dozen
Searching out toads.....


You can read the rest of this lovely poem here.


  1. Your always welcome to come back to England if you like. We wont mind !!!
    Shaun Valleys ShutterBug

  2. It looks like England indeed! Very beautiful. I wish I could walk there again like I did when I was twenty. Thanks for the walk.

  3. Mmmmm....the smell of new mown (mowed?) alfalfa. Heavenly.

  4. Virginia sounds a great state. Love the poem. Glad yo had a nice trip. I love summer road trips.

  5. Wonderful shot of the countryside. I always enjoy visiting Virginia.

  6. While we have seen some similar sights on drives around the VA eastern shore, most hay bales are not as lovely looking as those you spotted, Denise. The famrs we recently saw on our Lancastrer, PA visit were more scenic.

  7. What a wonderful scene. :) Beautiful.

  8. Isn't it fun to get out and take a ride in the country? George and I will take a ride sometimes on Sunday afternoons during the hot summer.

    I remember taking a ride one time when it was cooler (almost evening). We rolled down the windows and smelled the fresh mown grass.... Awesome!!!!

    Great picture and poem.

  9. I think because the Virginia countryside so resembles English countryside is why my sister-in-law liked Virginia so much.

  10. Definitely my way to play! Very pretty countryside too.

  11. Wonderful country climate. I am greeting

  12. This conjures up such sweet pictures in my mind.

  13. Denise, lovely capture of the Virginia countryside. The poem sounds like fun times as a child, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  14. 'Let me Swing so high
    In the old apple tree,
    Like monkeys in a jungle
    screaming with glee.'

    Loved that, Denise. Indeed, I loved the whole poem, it had such a happy feel about it.

  15. I come here from KaHolly not realising I would I would encounter an English girl now American. What a lovely poem today so much of my childhood in these words. Virginia looks such a beautiful state. Signing up as follower and invite you to take a look at my blog too.

  16. Lovely image but nothing like where I grew up. But the words tell the story of my youth all the same.