Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is a photo Gregg took when we were on our trip up to the Shenandoah's last Saturday.

I had a lovely time last week.  Road trips with Gregg and meeting up with family and friends.

Son and daughter-in-law spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia - more on that later.  We are having dinner with them this week and are looking forward to hearing all about it.   We've already had a chat with son and it sounds like they had a great time, and of course we're looking forward to more details.

Yesterday I went to the Leesburg Outlet with friends.  There are a 110 stores and we only went into three but by the time we looked around those, time was getting on.  We had lunch first, did our shopping and ended up going over to one of the friend's homes.  I don't do serious shopping normally and will only go when I am absolutely desperate to replace something.  In fact I've said before how very much I dislike shopping.  I'd much rather get out, go on a good walk in the fresh air and see the sights in the city, or the country, with camera in hand (have to say I am a country girl at heart though and that is where I would point the compass most of the time, but Gregg loves the city too and so we compromise).

Getting back to yesterday it was a whole lot of fun.  Yes for the people I was with but also maybe because I bought four pairs of shoes (I was badly in need of one pair and was silently amazed that I came out with four).  I also bought a couple of night gowns after seeing a hole starting in one of my old ones that morning, and the others looking like they needed to be replaced truth be told, a shirt for Gregg (he would have got others but I just knew he wouldn't have liked the other colors) and the cashier popped in a free packet of ladies socks.  If you bought a second item you got that one half-price. I couldn't pass up a good deal like that could I?  I was out of the house from 9.30 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.  Gregg was already home by the time I got back and chuckled as I walked in with a large bag in each hand.  He doesn't see that too often.  Well, it will probably be another year before I go on that kind of shopping trip again, so I guess I made the most of it.  

It won't be long before Gregg's brother Gary drives up here as the two of them are going to a baseball game in Baltimore.  The team is called the Baltimore Orioles (for those of you who are not familiar with them you can click on the link).  No I am not a baseball fan either so it makes me very happy when Gregg and his brother can not only get together, but when they can get to see a baseball game, well that's pretty special.  

Here's an old family photo of the two of them together.

Brothers in baseball since way back.  Gary is on the left, Gregg is on the right.