Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meadowlark Gardens, one of my favorite places.....

Several times during the year, in every season, you will find us at Meadowlark Gardens.  It is one of our favorite places to visit.  The gazebo is always one of our stops.  

This noble looking rooster sits on the roof and we can sit under it while we take in the surroundings.   By the time we reach the gazebo we are always ready to rest for a few minutes, and on this day it was particularly hot.  Fortunately there are enough rest spots along the walk, many that are under shade.

We enjoy watching the colorful Koi swimming around.  I expect they are used to being fed here.

And then you get many turtles poking their head up....

and this time there were Canada Geese poking their heads down.  Bottoms up!

The lotus were getting ready to bloom

Gregg enjoys taking photos as much as I do and many of these shots are his.

You might remember this one from a few posts back in a sepia tone.  He was nice enough to stay still long enough to pose for me.

The lilies were blooming beautifully.

Gregg posed on the new bridge built earlier in the year.....

and here he is sitting on the bench but it was not one of the shaded ones so I opted to walk on, to find one that was.

This is the Bell of Peace and Harmony.  It is new to the garden.  We took a lot of photos and I will share them soon in a separate post.

Another resting spot, this time under a nice shady tree.  There is even a miniature bench for the younger members of the family.

I took several pictures of what was blooming.

There were several nesting boxes and in many tree swallows had already taken up residence.  There were more natural nests under the eaves of the gazebo.

Canada Geese were in several places but not quite as many as there are usually.  I know they can be an awful pest in great numbers but I do love them.  I like their feisty nature and no I don't get too close but admire them at a safe distance.  We were on one of our errand runs the other day and Mama, Papa and several Baby Canada Geese actually stopped traffic on a busy road as they made their way across.  Since we've lived here we have seen this happen many times.  People are generally very kind in allowing families to cross safely, as long as long as there is no danger to anyone and that's a fine balance as we well know.

There were lots of American Robins busy gathering food for young ones....

and I spotted this little Catbird doing the same.

We always seem to find chipmunks, this one's mate was close by.  We disturbed the little lovebirds but only for a moment.  

A bench, a bench, my kingdom for a nice shady bench and I found one, yay for me and I didn't even need to give up my kingdom. The heat and humidity always gets to me and on my shopping list is a new sun hat as I lost my other one.  I'm repeating myself yet again but I also should know to take a bottle of water along, as by this time I could have drunk a river.  There weren't too many people walking around in the noonday sun, only - as Noel Coward would say - Mad Dogs and Englishmen - and Denise - and Gregg but then he's a Virginia Boy, grew up here and the more hot and more steamy the better he likes it.  He was lapping the heat up and I was all shades of purple, blue and red, a veritable patchwork quilt of color.  Gregg first noticed this strange phenomena the year I experienced my first summer in the States, which I have mentioned many times before, probably every time we get that first really humid day, like this day, and we're not even at the height of summer yet.  Whoopee!!!

One more hike and one more bench to sit on where I saw this lovely scene, a grandpa taking a stroll with his granddaughter, and a baby in a pushchair.  

They rejoined the rest of the family soon after.

Almost at the end of our walk around the park I sat on yet another bench in another shady spot.  We had one more hill to climb with the visitors center in sight and Gregg, bless his cotton socks, told me to rest while he hiked up to get me an icy cold bottle of water, at which I immediately put on my neck for a lovely cool down, and then I drank the whole lot before I got back to the car.  Can't wait to get back here but maybe it will be in the evening time as the sun goes down, and not with all those silly mad dogs, etc., etc.


  1. You have such a sweet husband, Denise!

  2. What a gorgeous garden, Denise. You know how much I would love being in that garden too.... Gorgeous flowers --and critters!!!


  3. Brilliant photographs, Denise. Loved the koi. Have you ever thought of putting your pictures in a book - internet style?

  4. I see why this is a favorite spot. It is lovely. I would enjoy visiting here also.

    Your pictures are great. I have a hard time photographing birds. YOu did a fantastic job.

    Thanks for the visit my way.

  5. Lovely photos. I can see why it's a favorite. Very serene setting.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. I think we (ex) British women have it in our genes to flop (elegantly) on a comfy seat in the shade, fan in hand, a handsome man to do our bidding!!
    Jane x

  7. Wow! Lot of great photos here. Love the turtle and the geese!

  8. you've really got to start taking more water! get yourself a camelback if you're gonna be out for a long while!

    that is a gorgeous place! loved the water scenes.

  9. It's a magnificent garden, Mother Nature is glorious there!
    Wonderful pictures dear Denise, I love the critters ( ohhh that cute turtle!), and all vegetation.A place that I would love to visit someday.

  10. What a beautiful place with all the flowers, bench, and pondside wildlife, with a shady bench from which to enjoy it all.

  11. Some amazing shots today Denise, well done!

  12. Such a beautiful place to walk in and photograph. Delightful sequence.

  13. Denise, you are so brave to be out in the heat hiking. And what a beautiful place, I can see why it i your favorite. So many photo opportunities. The flowers are gorgeous. The birds and the dragonfly are all wonderful sightings. Wonderful photos and post, have a great day!

  14. Just beautiful, Denise, thank you for the visit.

  15. Hi, What a beautiful post! I had to laugh at what you said about looking like a patchwork quilt. Too cute and funny. We have temps
    today here of 107. Don't like it either. Love your blog...

  16. Beautiful images. It looks like a lovely place to ramble. :)

  17. Great shot of the dragonfly and those flower close-up are simply spectacular!

  18. How lucky your are to live close enough and visit this truly magical place.
    So calming and serene, a little sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
    Your photos are exquisite, they reflect the true beauty and atmosphere of the gardens.
    Lovely !

  19. Wow, great photographs. You and your husband went all out. Nice place to visit and relax.

  20. I love all the photos, but the one with the geese and their bums in the air gave me a smile. This is such a beautiful garden.

  21. This is a wonderful walk in the park....filled with all good things we all love. You made some wonderful photos! I know it was hot, but it looks like it was definitely worth it!

  22. A really wonderful place Denise. You captured such a variety of happenings in that beautiful park. I do love koi and can stand watching their beauty for ages. Oh, the heat though - you're a better woman than I... lol, I'd have let out a few moans ;D)
    Thanks for the wander, I really enjoyed being there in this way.