Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One pile of peanuts and there you go......

Today I did several videos.  I am practicing as I need a lot of time put in to prevent jerky movements and blurriness when zooming in and out to name a couple of mistakes that I make and there were a lot of those in many of them.  I tried to pick out the best ones so please forgive any of those faults but I think you will enjoy these little critters as they are very comical at times. It was certainly hard to keep up with them.  The squirrels are a little slower but the chipmunks are like greased lightning.

Country Gal from Our Country Cove Life gave me a chuckle when she mentioned that she recognized the MI-5 Soundtrack on my first video.  I honestly hadn't realized I had downloaded that particular one until after she had mentioned it, as I sometimes turn the sound down on my computer.  So, all the talking is from that show.  I believe it's called "Spooks" in the UK.  If you want to read about it you can click here.