Friday, May 18, 2012

Camera Critters

I spotted a baby Robin out back waiting for his parent to return and feed him.  There were two of them - babies - one higher up in a tree.  I am not sure if they were part of the same family but I watched as an adult fed each baby at different times.  Eventually this one flew off.

My friend Kathy just sent me a wonderful video of a nest of baby Robins, from the egg to finally leaving the nest.  Thanks Kathy!  You can see that if you click here.


Thank you Misty for hosting Camera Critters.
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This is an added video I took of Squirrels and a Chipmunk that came to feed on the peanuts I put out today. Please excuse the screen door I shot the movie through. I didn't realize it was all wavy like that but it clears up at the end when the chipmunk appears. Too see the whole thing and not the chopped-off version, click on it to go to the full screen on your computer, or failing that you can click here.