Thursday, April 12, 2012

My afternoon visitor....

Today I was noticing how pretty the new growth on the trees looked in the back garden.  I liked the filigree effect of the branches behind them....

and when the sunlight hit the leaves, they made a really pretty sight.

Mr. Squirrel was checking me out but I really wasn't taking photos of him today, as cute as he was.  I noticed he disappeared quickly, as did his whole family.  Even the birds who had been gathering on the back deck suddenly took rapid flight.  One of them hit the window, not too hard because he wasn't even a foot off the ground before he and the glass made contact.  Don't worry, he was okay, I checked..

Not too long afterwards, when it was all quiet, I noticed something fly onto a tree branch.  I was inside when this happened.  I looked through the branches and saw a shape I don't get to see that often, so I took a couple of shots through the glass to try and see what it was.

The first one I couldn't focus on him but those new leaves look pretty don't they?  Not what I was going for those either this time, but then the bird came into focus and it was as I had suspected, a hawk, not sure what kind.

I opened the door to get a closer look and he took one look at me and he was out of there.

He landed high up in my neighbor's tree.  

Is it a Cooper's?  Maybe someone will know.

None of these photos came out that great but I was happy to get something of my afternoon visitor.  If you look at the last shot, in the lower right hand corner of the photo, you will see him taking off.

I was relieved when he flew out of the garden and onto pastures new, and so were the other birds as when the coast was clear they came back to the feeders. I noticed my squirrels ate their peanuts more under cover than usual, right underneath the deck rail.