Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cabell's Mill, Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, Chantilly, Virginia

Across the street from Walney Pond is Cabell's Mill.  It's another lovely place to walk around, especially this time of the year when all the spring flowers are blooming.  

Gregg and the old stone wall.....

and now a little history I found online.

"It was thought that the mill was probably built by Willoughy Newton between 1753 and 1759.    In its time it has had different names, Triplett's Mill, Caple's Mill, Pittman's Mill, Middlegate and Sandy's Folly.  In 1850 the mill was owned and operated by Edward Caple and on a Military Civil War Map it was noted as Copel's Mill.  There was no standardized  system of spelling at the time and the name finally settled on Cabell's Mill.

Gregg found the old mill stones at the side of the building.   The mill ground various grains and then was used to grind sumac for the local tanning and dyeing industry.  It also served as an informal meeting and gathering place for local farmers.  By this time it had been converted into a sawmill.

Ellanor C. Lawrence was the wife of U.S. News and World Report founder and publisher David Lawrence.  She purchased the mill in 1944 and used  it as a guesthouse, providing a rural retreat for many Washington notables, which included Franklin and Elanor Roosevelt.  The mill was also the site of Mr. Lawrence's weekly news broadcasts on the NBC Network from 1945-1970.  

Under the terms of Mrs. Lawrence's will, in 1971 the Fairfax County Park Authority received the mill, the miller's house and the surrounding woodlands that now comprise Ellanor C. Lawrence Park.  In 1980 the Park Authority completed major renovations to the building and it was opened for public use."

The mill can be rented out for special events, including weddings.  We have actually been over here when one of these weddings took place.  

I am always happy to see the Dogwoods blooming.....also it is Virginia's State flower.

There is an old well near the house and I took a photo of Gregg standing next to it.....

but I have to pay my dues, he insists on taking a photo of me.  But my darling, did you have to get quite so close?   He was experimenting with the zoom on the new camera.  I have lost my sunglasses and I can barely see with the bright sun making me squint like the dickens.   

I thought these purple iris' looked splendid against the stone wall.

I'm experimenting with the macro feature, what do you think?  Does anyone have any good tips on macro photography?

 All these photos were taken with the new  Nikon Coolpix camera we bought recently.  I think it's a great little camera for what we need, and would be interested what you think of it if you have one.

I will be sharing more of the blooms we took this coming Sunday.