Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Squirrel caper.....

Hmmmm......let me get my Sherlock Holmes cap on.

I am channeling my favorite detective as I keep a keen eye on the suspect, and I wish I knew what he was thinking.

Yesterday there was a feeder full of bird seed and two suet cakes in the slots.  

This morning the feeder was just about empty and the cakes had disappeared, except for the gloopy mess in the water dish, where some unknown perpetrator had deposited at least one of the suet cakes and turned it into a mud pie.  

I don't think it was the squirrel even though he looks guilty.  He swears he is innocent.  I tend to believe him because when he and his family left to go back to their nests last night, the feeder was half full and the suet cakes were in place.  I have a feeling his cousin Moriarty may have stopped by last night.  

I have cleaned out and refilled the water dish and the feeders.....

but he can't fool me with his cute and innocent look.  He knows something I am sure of it.  He may not have dragged the suet cake into the water dish but there are other games  he likes to play.   Moriarty's cousin is a tricky fellow.

The game's afoot.....