Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Crow

The last few days I've had this crow visiting.  He only turns up when there is no other animal or bird around.  

This is a cropped picture and is too blurry to use really, but I was fascinated by that expression.

He flew down on the deck for only a minute, saw me and headed back up into the trees.

By this time the sun came out but.....  

unfortunately he didn't hang around for long.


  1. they are huge and loud, but i do really enjoy having them around. so intelligent! and they spot food from a mile away!

  2. I loved to rehab crows...fiercely intelligent and excellent mimics...and I think , much misaligned creatures.
    Jane x

  3. clever fellow! the visiting wraith has a message perhaps?

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  4. How beautiful, Denise... We have alot of crows here too --but they have never come close to our deck... They'll 'squawk' at me from the trees above ---and the best thing they do is to warn the little songbirds when there is a hawk in the area... That is a GOOD thing.

  5. Crows can be very annoying, but they can also be very entertaining and fun to have around.

  6. I have such fond memories of crows - or, to be more precise, a particular crow. One used to sit outside our kitchen window when I was a child. Every morning at just the right time he would say, "Pauline, Peter, Patricia, you will miss the train." We thought it was a huge joke because it was always Denis who missed the train to school but obviously it could only say P words. I miss crows, there are none here.

  7. Hi Denise, They are big birds and piggies. But, I think I would rather see them then the grackles and starlings. They seem shy here, they fly away as soon as they see me looking at them. Great shots, have awonderful week!

  8. Nice sight, Denise. I like crows. They seem quite shy sometimes. One popped into my garden the other day but the squirrel scared him off.

  9. That last picture is fantastic!Great shots Denise, congratulations!

  10. i love crows but i have the hardest time getting a picture of them...they are fast! great captures!

  11. Love the last shot Denise, just taking off, great capture.

  12. They are such intelligent creatures and you can see the intelligence in their faces I think. In my garden I only see them on the roof or in the trees, they never come down to feed.

    Lovely to see the very colourful male Cardinals on your earlier post too.