Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Yesterday I noticed how the shadows of the tree fell across my neighbor’s house.  I thought it was very striking, more striking than shown in these photographs.

We have lived in this neighborhood now since 1990.  The first time we saw our home, I remember the walk-in closet, and the embarrassment I felt when the real estate agent opened the door to show how much space there was.  To me your closets are sacrosanct and I have always thought it was very rude to look inside someone else’s without their consent, even if I was a potential buyer and this was part of the package.  But, I couldn’t help but notice the kilts with the full regalia hanging inside.  One was for an adult and two others for younger children.  I imagined the father and his two sons wearing them for special occasions, and it caused me to smile from ear to ear, they were just so lovely to see.  No surprise to find that the people we ended up buying the house from were Scottish.

We liked the feel of the place and had checked out the schools beforehand.  Gregg's brother, wife and family only lived a couple of miles away by road, and if you were brave enough to find a spot to traverse over the creek, a hop, skip and a jump away, which I think our kids did often but were not supposed to because that creek was pretty hazardous at times, especially after a heavy rain.  I grew up in an industrial area, built-up area, what can I say?  I never even knew what a 'creek' was!  Besides, I was never that brave and always took the car the long-about route when we visited.  I also had a friend living in the neighborhood with two small children and another friend in the next town.  One friend had moved from California six months previously and our kids had gone to the same school, and the other friend we had known since our time in Monterey when our children were three years' old.  After Gregg and I discussed it at some length, we put in our bid, it was accepted and we moved in a couple of months later.  It took me a while to feel settled, as up until that point we had lived in California for most of our married life, and I was very happy on the west coast.  I have, however, slowly grown to love our home and the area we live in and after all, home is where you hang your hat, or your kilts.