Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remembering Spike Milligan

It's really interesting what you tend to come across while surfing, when looking for something entirely different.  Such was the case today when my search took me to a wonderful blog - Cuckoo Estate Hanwell W.7, where they shared one of Spike's humorous poems.  The Spike I am talking about is Spike Milligan.  Spike was someone I knew from all the times I had seen him on the TV when I grew up in England, a comedian and a very talented writer and poet.  A lot of his poems were written for children, as is the one below.


Look at all those monkeys
Jumping in their cage.
Why don't they all go out to work
And earn a decent wage?

How can you say such silly things,
And you a son of mine?
Imagine monkeys travelling on
The Morden-Edgeware line!

But what about the Pekinese!
They have an allocation.
'Don't travel during Peke hour',
It says on every station.

My Gosh, you're right, my clever boy,
I never thought of that!
And so they left the monkey house,
While an elephant raised his hat.

 "Look At All Those Monkeys!"
Spike Milligan