Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Outdoor Ice-Skating Rink in Washington DC

One of the fun things we do when walking around Washington DC in the winter is to stop by the open-air ice-skating rink.   It is always fun to see people enjoying themselves.  No, Gregg and I never rent the skates and do a turn ourselves.   I don't think Gregg has ever tried it. 

I did once when I was 23.  I even have proof somewhere, a photo from a holiday I went on with a group of friends to Austria.  At one of the hotels they also had an out-door ice-skating rink. I could not straighten my ankles and didn't even get the blades upright.  I had weak ankles even back then, having sprained them several times playing basketball at school starting from when I was 13. My sports teacher was truly fed up with me, "Oh for God's sake girl stop blubbering, go sit on the side and stick your head down between your knees", this as my ankle swelled up to twice its size and the pain made me feel sick and faint.  After several sprains my sports teacher had had enough of me, and frankly I had had enough of her.  I don't remember being very fond of basketball after that, and after the same thing happened when I played rounders, I was thereafter delegated to be the scorer for ever more, boring, boring, boring.  I hated rounders too.  Anyhow, I digress as usual.  After that one-and-only ice-skating session in Austria, I never put on another pair of ice-skates and always get my enjoyment out of watching others having fun.

They were all having so much fun....

and the head gear was endearing.

I'm told this is the 'in' thing among young people right now, you can buy hats in the shape of your favorite animal.

There were daddies offering a little help.

Mommies too.

On the whole people really knew how to skate with a few exceptions here and there, the side-of-the-rink huggers.

Another daddy giving a helping hand.....

and mom here has her hands full.

Hey, I recognize you two!

I see a little girl with a safety helmet on.  I thought that was a darned good idea after we saw one little boy - who was a very good skater - fall down and hit the back of his head with a sickening crunch.  That was scary and put an end to his time on the ice.  You could see how very concerned mum was but she remained calm and we were impressed.  Gregg and I looked at each other and knew he would be having a really bad headache for a while.

But apart from the little lad's fall, while we were there at least, everyone remained on their feet and had a very good time.   Eventually it was time to move on and from here we walked over to the Natural History Museum.


  1. Looks like a perfect thing to watch (notice--I didn't say DO--ha ha) during the winter. It does look like fun --but I'd break several bones I'm sure IF I tried it... I used to roller skate when I was a teen --but never ice skate...


  2. My husband, kids, and I have ice skated at Ice Palace, located in the mall down the street from our home in Honolulu. We sometimes use a "walker" in front of us to keep us from falling. It's a great place to celebrate a kid's birthday.

    I have sprained my ankle several times. Not lately, though.

  3. It does look fun to watch. I suspect that I would have spent more time a over t, than upright but a girl can dream.

  4. What a reminding post Denise. I loved figure skating and we started our daughter on 'cheese cutters' Double bladed skates) when she was 2. The children and I also skated in a large skating rink in a Swiss ski village and later the Prof and I danced in the hotel at cocktail hour. That was great fun too.
    Such happy memories . . .

  5. It all looks like so much fun, I've never tried ice-skating, but spent many an hour at the roller-skating rings.
    Love those hats, each has their own personality....
    So much entertainment around the city !

  6. Squirrels need to share! LOL-
    Oh sorry....this is a sweet post of winter and families and hope and fun. How nice! I love your whole sensibility, D!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  7. These pictures remind me of the old American films where whole families went skating.

    It is many years since I skated, but the rink I used was indoors - nothing like as exciting as it must feel to skate out in the fresh air.

  8. What fun to watch. We have nothing like that in our area.

  9. Hi Denise, the ice skating looks like fun. I have not skated since I was in my early teens and took some lessons. I do not think i could take a fall now. OUCH! I love the cute animal hats. What a fun day to be out people watching. Wonderful photos, have a great day!

  10. I think my ankles are way too weak to ice skate now, but my bigger fear would be falling, and not being able to stand again with skates on LOL

    Looks like everyone is having fun.

  11. I have never ice skated and have roller skated only a few times. Was never good at roller skating. I saw my mom roller skate one time. She was good!

    My great niece received one of those animal hats from her grandma for Christmas. I have a similar hat, one that I purchased in Canada because my ears were cold. My hat doesn't have any animal on it. It has the Canadian maple leaf. The hat keeps my ears toasty warm!

  12. Boy, does that conjur up memories of my youth!

  13. I have never tried ice-skating, I would like to be talented as they are!Lovely pictures and post!

  14. I've never tried ice-skating but I wasn't much good at roller skating so don't think I would have been successful. It does look such fun, though.

  15. What a perfect day ! Awesome photos ! Its been years since I have skated. I used to figure skate and play hockey dont know if I could skate with my wonky knees lol ! Love your header photo ! There is in Ottawa Canada the largest skating rink in the world on the Ottawa river people from all over the world go there just to skate on it ! Have a wonderful day !

  16. I love to skate.When we were kids we wore our skates with guards on around the house to get ready for the hockey season.

  17. I would love to try this some time! Great pictures!

  18. That's looks like so much fun and you got some great shots. I used to enjoy ice skating but my ankles can't handle it anymore.

  19. Hi Denise...I mastered roller skating,but I never found ice skating to be alot of fun...unless of course when in my teens there was a handsome guy to hold you while skating lol! ; }
    It is a lovely family thing to do with the kids and nice to see them ..
    thanks for sharing this day!!

  20. Great captures Denise.
    I would need padding attached to my rear my friend.

  21. Denise, that is really a large outdoor rink and I would also be on the side viewing and not participating. Safety helmets on young skaters are very good idea, but too bad not all use them.

  22. Denise, that really looks fun but when I tried it with my Papa (long ago) we both struggled and gave up (and that was plain roller skates!)

    I lost all my animal hats because every time I wear them, somebody is bound to snatch them from my silly head and charmingly demand "mine!" Now if I can do the same I will probably get another one or I can glue them to my hair. Ha!

  23. Denise, I grew up ice skating on our local ponds, though I never had brand new skates, always hand-me-downs. Still, I did not let that stop me! but though I could stay upright I never learned how to do all the fancy turns or skate backwards.

    BTW, what is rounders?

    And I am so sorry you had such an awful sports teacher! She does not sound like a very compassionate person!

  24. Oh what a fun thing to watch! I confess I tried to learn a couple of times, but my behind was on the ice more times than I was on my feet. Sigh... I love to watch the grace and beauty of skaters though. Remember Torvill and Dean?

  25. Cold here this morning, around 15.

  26. What a delightful way to spend a couple of hours in the winter--watching others skate. I've never tried it, and am sure I would fall down immediately! :-) But, once we were in NYC during Christmas, and it hadn't snowed yet that year. On Christmas eve day were were watching the skaters at that famous spot (gosh, I can't think right now!!!) and it started snowing! People were looking up and was kind've magic! Thanks for your birthday wishes!