Friday, December 9, 2011

For the land.....

For our family out in North Dakota, for our Loved Ones who are no longer with us and who dedicated their lives to their families and to their homesteads and farms, and for everyone who has worked the land, this is dedicated to you.

You may need to enlarge this to see the words more clearly.


  1. Nice sentiments Denise. I wonder where the horse shoe good luck superstition started?

  2. That's really nice, Denise. Very apt for all those who farm.
    I was able to read without enlarging.

  3. These horse shoes come in handy.
    Nice words.

  4. Beautiful ! We have a horse shoe up on our country house I got from a Amish friends farm ! Farmers in my eyes are the hardest working people. have a wonderful day !

  5. Great thoughts today, Denise... We are so spoiled these days --that we have no idea how hard farmers and pioneers worked back then...

    I think of my ancestors as they tended the land and rode around in their horse-drawn wagons... Life was different back then, wasn't it???

    Prayers for all of them.

  6. The video worked perfectly ! what a work for them to get back into the water !

  7. I like this! I always heard that a horseshoe nailed over your door would bring you luck. You like to think that the farmer and his family had a sweet and fruitful life! Of course they worked hard and probably truly appreciated all the blessings life had to offer!