Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Evening Visitor

An interruption of my raptor photos to show you my visitor last night. We went to bed early but about an hour later I went downstairs to get a glass of water. As I passed the patio door I could just about make out a dark shape on the deck, and when I put the outside light on I was very surprised to see a raccoon munching on the bird seeds.

I always keep my camera at the ready on the side table, just in case. I haven't seen one around for ages but there he was. I said, "Well hello there." He must have very sharp hearing because he heard me and turned around.

All of a sudden he was pressing his nose up against the glass just staring at me, using his paws to anchor himself and we looked at each other for a few seconds. I was so shocked at the sudden closeness of this little fellow that I shook the camera as I pressed the shutter button, and of course it came out fuzzy. Oh well!

He must have decided I was no threat because he continued his munching.....

and after a while ambled off into the darkness. I went back to the kitchen, got my glass of water and took my camera upstairs to show Gregg.

I wonder how long he roamed the neighborhood before he went back to his den?

Yes my visitors make a bit of a mess, from the birds to the squirrels and now the raccoons, but to me they are so worth it. Now where did I put that broom?

Added note: as you know I always enjoy reading all your comments and I loved reading about blogging friends' experiences with the raccoons they have come into contact with. If you want a chuckle you can click on the comment button below. Yes they are little rascals.


  1. These pictures are so cute. We had a Raccoon all summer around dark time but ours is hibernating now. He was the biggest Raccoon I ever saw.

  2. I never see any raccoons around our yard, too many dogs I suppose. Yours seems rather laid back!

  3. I have been meaning to ask you: Do you turn your flash off when you take photos of wildlife? I imagine you would at night, because the flash would reflect on the glass window...

    Needless to say, these photos are so cute and wonderful, Denise.

  4. Woodland spirits visit and protect you, D

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  5. oh what a cute little fellow -I hope he becomes a regular visitor !

  6. Looks like you've made a new friend and I'll bet he'll be back hoping for some tea and crumpets.

  7. Oh he was cute. We have them around here and hear them at night. When Papa and I went camping years ago we had a Raccoon literly unzip our tent waddle in and steal a box of Ritz crackers ,of course it couldnt of been Papas boring plain crackers nooo it had to be my cheese ones little begger ! We were killing our selves laughing as we followed him out with this box in his mouth then he went behind our tent in the woods as he sat proud with what I swear was a cocky grin on his face ! Great photos. Have a wonderful evening.

  8. They can become well friendly when well fed and around humans.Your header is gorgeous.

  9. Well worth the trip to get your water Denise, great captures too.

  10. Raccoons are kind of cheeky. They don't scare easily.

  11. Hi Denise ...thanks for your sweet comment on my post : }

    I hate to say this,although your Raccoon is cute and playful you have got trouble on your hands now if he continues to visit...they usually end up bringing the whole family !! lol
    They sure can do a number on your feeders!!
    Great catch on the photo's though!


  12. Raccoons are so cute, but they can be a big bother too. We have had whole families visit us and romp and play the whole night long. Smashed plants the next morning give them away. Once early one summer morning I founf two youngsters going round and round inthe bird bath, while a third tried to join them. That was indeed cute!

  13. It's no telling how many night critters visit us on our deck. I try to sweep off the birdseed each night ---but the raccoons, skunks, and o'possums all visit us!!!

    Great pictures of the raccoon.

  14. What a cute little night visitor. My SIL had two of them come in through the cat door one night and they helped themselves to a loaf of bread on her counter. They completely ignored the cat's food!

  15. Raccoons are so cute . they come around every evening. This one is really sweet sitting on your deck ~ just munching away minding his/her own business.
    Have a great day, ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  16. That was quite a fun discovery!
    Mine are frogs leaping at night when I take a peek at the sleeping dogs ;-)

  17. Oh Wow. Super, super cute. And our birdseed gets spread from Xmas to breakfast as well, but I think it is just the birds.

  18. I LOVE your wonderful night-time visitor! What fun that he peered in the window at you!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog about Prescott. I finally got the hawk on film so will be posting that soon....and right now as I was looking at your blog my husband called "Marie, there's a roadrunner in the yard!" Aint nature grand!!!

  19. These guys are so cute but boy, can they be destructive. They're like a burglar (maybe that's why they have that mask!): If they want in, they will get in. One of my neighbors has been losing her chickens to these dudes!