Friday, October 14, 2011

With My Family On The Beach

(Pre-dated post while visiting with family- will be back home sometime next week)
When we reached the hotel in Virginia Beach two weekends' ago and after two or three hours visiting in the hospitality room with our extended shipmate 'family' - shipmates, their wives, sons and daughters, all of whom we have come to love and respect over these many years of annual gatherings - Gregg and I took a stroll on the beach. Our son and daughter-in-law had yet to arrive as they were also driving down from Northern Virginia. It wasn't too long before we got a phone call from them letting us know that they had reached the city, and a half hour later they joined us. We had a great time catching up.

All the camera's came out and we took turns taking photos of each other, all real happy to be together, rolling up our pants legs and wading in the surf. At one point I knew Brad was standing directly behind me and I had a flashback of all those photos from way-back-when, all those shots where the bunny ears mysteriously appeared behind my head. I said, "You're not doing the bunny ears are you Brad?"

"I wasn't Mom but thanks for the idea." What can I say? Just like old times.
A little playful jousting. You go Lisa, keep him in line, you have my blessing.
Gregg is writing in the sand and Lisa seems focused. I had been taking photos of the waves and turned around to this. He is his mother's child.
Yes, he is his mother's child....yes you're a grown man, I know that....but when I am in my rocking chair you will still be my child young man, grown man that you are. What am I talking about you might ask?
....hello mother's child.....
notice the similarity? Taking loads of photographs and looking at them afterwards.
Now the three of us are taking a look at our results with Gregg taking over as photogapher. Okay, so when son does something that reminds me of his father, which he often does, he will be his father's child. Actually he is a great blend of the two of us but Gregg says the stubborn side comes from me, and of course I say the stubborn side comes from Gregg. Just joking Brad, honest!
So what are they doing? Lisa found out that Gregg can write shorthand, something he learned years ago and still finds useful. This style of shorthand is actually called "Gregg", so Gregg is showing Lisa how to write "Lisa" in "Gregg" shorthand. I learned shorthand years ago too only my style is called "Pitman's", something entirely different and no one would know that over here, at least I don't think so. Unlike my dear husband I rarely use my shorthand now but I suppose it's like riding a bike, as I see it in my mind's eye I am still pretty good at it. Now putting that into practice is another story. My mind and my brain may not agree if you know what I mean.

They're lost in the writing on the sand....
and don't notice us snapping away. Yes, Brad is also taking photos of the writing in the sand. He is his mother's child. I'm repeating myself aren't I? I have a tendency to do that more and more these days.
The sun is getting lower in the sky and we take a few more shots before we have to get back to the hospitality suite.
Brad took this photo of Lisa and I loved it so I am 'borrowing'.
As we make our way down the beach Lisa follows the Sanderlings for a while before heading back up to the hotel.
Hey, how did you get in here?
Who me?

Yes you Charlie Brown.


  1. Good to see you happy and enjoying your family!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Lovely family shots - looks like you had a great time together x

  3. so relaxingly beautiful.I'm surprised its not too

  4. Lots more memories made right there!
    Jane x

  5. Oh such a happy post and lovely family pictures.

  6. A very nice time together, and I knew that seagull would turn up.

  7. What a droll sense of humor you have, Denise! Hope you are enjoying your vacation! BTW, it's called POSTDATE, not predate.

  8. That was super fun Denise!
    Now I long to head to the beach with the dogs and simply wade in the water! Ha!

  9. Oh, how fun! Gregg is a leftie, eh?
    The bunny ears portrait is cute.

  10. A lovely post...looks like a wonderful family day out.

  11. Nice day on the beach. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and each other.

  12. I enjoyed all the pictures and the happy faces, including the Seagull.