Monday, September 5, 2011

Rambles and Lunch with Brad

The Labor Day weekend went fast and although we didn't do anything too exciting on Saturday and Sunday, it was enjoyable even doing the mundane.

I was saddened to see an accident on the Sunday on the way to an art supply store. Gregg has been looking for these special brand of ink cartridges for his fountain pen and he thought they might have them. We passed two cars on the road at the oddest angle. Fortunately there was no one hurt but one of the cars was at a right angle with another, and the front end was totally crunched. We could not figure out how this could have happened, for the cars to be in such a position - it was an odd sight. There was a young man on the curb with his head in his hands and he was crying, poor lad. I'm sure it must have been such a shock and maybe he was also upset at the thought of having to talk to his mom and dad about the damage to their car. I'm not saying the accident was his fault because we don't know the circumstances but either way, I felt very sorry for him. There was a policeman at the scene taking notes from the other driver, and several people standing around. Makes you feel a bit reflective when you come on scenes such as this. When we made our way back we decided to take a different route as by this time there was quite a traffic jam.
Today we met up with our son for lunch and went to Big Bowl in Reston Town Center. The link to their website is here and you can find their menu here. We like the restaurant but haven't been there for a while.
Their specialty drink is a ginger ale and I had the one with passion fruit.

We started off with Chicken Potstickers which were delicious.

For our main meal I ordered the Sweet Ginger Sea Scallops and Shrimp.

Gregg had the Vegetable Green Curry.

Brad had the Orange Chicken.

For dessert we shared the most delicious cheesecake. This isn't the greatest picture but what I liked about it apart from how yummy it was, was the reasonable portion size for one person, smaller than most restaurants which I always find too much. This was just enough. Gregg's dish was spicier than he is used to and I suggested that the cheesecake might put the fire out, any excuse for dessert right? It worked. The cheesecake had tiny pieces of peaches mixed in and came with a peach topping which I wasn't sure about, so our waitress suggested we leave that off. It was the best cheesecake I had tasted in a while and I told her next time I would try the topping.

Gregg took our photo outside the restaurant and I took others on the way back to the parking garage.

It was a fun lunch. Gregg and I went home and Brad had to get ready to go to work.

Gregg was thinking of taking a couple of days off so that next weekend we could go away for a few days. However, it looks like the rain is heading our way and will be staying all week and into next weekend. I think we may postpone our road trip and go when we get our sunny weather back.


  1. Belo passeio em família! Seu filho parece ser tão simpático quanto você!Boa semana!

  2. HI nice for you all to get out and enjoy this lucious looking meal...I'm with your chose : }
    Family pictures are great...
    It is nice to have these and spend fun times together, because just like the accident you saw we never know or fate!!

    Take care

  3. Glad I clicked on your other blog, not Today's flowers, and got to be better acquainted with you. It is nice to have a get-together with junior for lunch. We do that too.
    Thanks for visiting my travel-i-tales,Denise.

  4. Looks like a lovely family outing. Really happy for you.

  5. Hi Denise, Great photos with your son. I know how much you all enjoyed being with him. Your lunches looked incredible. Think I would choose the orange chicken... Yum...

    Have a great Tuesday.

  6. Love the pictures of the food! A picture is worth a thousand words. How nice to spend lunch with your son and hubby, Denise. Make memories.

  7. The meal looks awesome Denise!

  8. Always lovely to have a relaxed family get together and what a lovely way to do it -I can see why you like that restaurant ! The food looks fabulous-nice to have a well deserved day off from cooking now and again-isn`t it Denise ! lol xx

  9. It's only an hour since breakfast and already I'm hungry. However, I'm at a loss over which to choose from the menu. Loved the pictures. Your son is a handsome fellow to be sure.

  10. Those dishes are just scrumptious looking, and I am glad you had a wonderful day.

  11. It is so nice to have a lunch with family. He is a tall next to you. I would have chosen the ginger scallop dish too. I love the bright yellow umbrellas, they make a nice picture.

  12. YUM! i love potstickers and cold make a meal out of them. I laughed yesterday at a store when the cashier said to have a nice weekend and the weekend was actually over.

  13. looks like you all had a great time.
    what fun!
    the food looks delicious and so tempting.

    hope you have a nice day!

  14. I would have chosen the green veggy curry! I love the umbrella shot.This weekend did seem to whizz by, and the weather was quite miserable here.
    Jane x

  15. Good food and a chance to catch up with your son makes for a good day!

  16. That's looks like the sort of day out I enjoy. Loving company and good food! I wonder how they make that passionfruit drink? I have loads of them in summer but no recipes for turning them into drinks.

  17. I enjoyed that lunch with you nut what on earth are "pot stickers" Pieces of chicken you dip in various sauces?
    Whatever, it was nice to spend time with you and yours.

  18. awsome you have a super wonderful blog. Thank you for visiting my blog.I hope to visit agian real soon. I'm going to try and put new pictures at least once a week. keep up the wonderful job.

  19. Denise, thanks for sharing your family get-gether and the photos of what seems to have been a delicious lunch. Any cheesecake left?

  20. Denise, It is really nice to see some photos of your family here! We were near Smethwick for sure b/c we went into Birmingham for a day. I didn't catch the city you were visiting, but it was just beautiful. Thank you for being so kind as to come visit me again. you are welcome anytime,and I will always respond to your comment on your blog :)
    Have a lovely day, milady!