Monday, August 29, 2011

More photos from Walney Pond

One thing I love to do at Walney Pond is look up, especially when the sky is so blue. Very often a plane passes over on its way to Dulles Airport. In the photo below just to the right of the sunspot you can just make one out. There were thousands of cancellations due to Hurricane Irene, so I am sure a lot of people were glad to be on their way that day.

There is a lovely walking path around the pond, and you can see all kinds of interesting plants, some I am not too sure about.

The lily pads are looking a little faded and we haven't seen our resident beaver on our last few visits. Not sure if he has moved on. We noticed signs of work to be done, large green boxes that look like small pumping stations, and there are markings on the grass alongside pipes in preparation for 'planting'. I don't suppose Mr. Beaver will like that activity at all.

The plant with the white flowers in the middle of the lilypads is called an arrowhead.

We actually took the following photo last weekend. It is called the Common Arrowhead, also known as the Duck Potato. It is called Duck Potato because the roots look like a small potato which ducks relish. Its origins can be found in South America.

This is a Cardinal flower and apparently hummingbirds and butterflies love these. They grow at the top of a long spike up to four feet tall, and you will see them growing along streams, around ponds or wet meadows. Late summer it comes alive. I also read that Native Americans used to make tea from the leaves and roots as a cure for stomach aches, fevers, headaches and a host of other maladies. But I also read that the plant contains poisonous alkaloids and can be fatal if ingested.

The following lavender plant is a called a pickerel weed. It flowers from mid-June to mid-September. It is common throughout the Eastern United States, from Nova Scotia southward to Florida and Texas, and also reported from western parts of the United States, but is less commonly found west of the Mississippi. Pickerel weed also provides habitat and food for many kinds of animals. For instance, growth of dense mats of vegetation provides excellent cover for pickerel fish which feed on the insects that are attracted to the flowers of the plant, perhaps the reason for its name. Seeds are eaten by several different kinds of animals including ducks, other waterfowl and deer. Leaves rhizomes and roots are eaten by geese and muskrats. The flowers provide nectar for several different kinds of insects, including bees, wasps and butterflies. One type of bees (Dufourea novae-angliae) has been reported to visit only this species of plant to gather nectar and pollen. Manatees are reported to choose pickerel weed over other plants as food. Pickerel weed also provides cover and habitat for a variety of animals, including fish, aquatic invertebrates, birds and small mammals. After I take a photo I immediately want to go online and find information, always fascinating what one learns.

I would like to know what plants these pods grow on. Any ideas?

So there you go, that's our latest trip out to Walney Pond. I'm sure when we eventually move on from this area, we will look back with very fond memories.


  1. It's a beautiful spot alright and your photos capture it beautifully Denise.

  2. I am surprised that you are even thinking of moving away from the area, Denise. How come?

  3. Gorgeous Denise. That looks like the perfect place to visit and take photos...

    Glad you all are safe from the storm.

  4. I think I would be happy to visit there, to see all this wonderful Nature Denise.

  5. What a beautiful place, enjoyed all your pictures. Denise I read a bloggers comment and was concerned that you may be thinking of moving. But you know what I will follow you where ever you go, you have such an interesting blog. I also went on my picture blog and noticed you paid me a visit in June and I am sorry I over looked it. I thank you for the kind comment. I made a photo album when I was a teenager and put these cards in with my pictures of my school chums. Have a nice week.

  6. Great photos. Very pretty place to take pictures.


  7. Nice pictures, they actually make you feel like summer is coming to an end, pleasant though. Those pod things are really unusual!

  8. Just beautiful. There is something about water, sky and growing things which is very peaceful - and healing as well.

  9. lovely place to spend a day. :)

    Thaks for visiting Bildverkstan. :)

  10. Hi Denise!
    So glad to read that you're doing OK after "Irene". The storm "Mina" did not pass our way but we had horrendous winds and rains! The dogs slept through it all.

    I love your walk down Walney Pond and the flowers you featured at TF and your beautiful memories of your Uncle.

    In times like these, it is good to look back and look forward with a bright heart.

    Have a great week ahead!

  11. I hope the beaver is safe
    lots of people dont like the beavers dam
    I love our photos
    glad to have taken a walk with you

  12. Thanks for visiting everyone.