Monday, August 8, 2011

A few deck visitors this week

A few days ago I took a whole lot of photos of my deck visitors.

The first is a male Northern Flicker. I haven't seen one around here in a long time, so I was very happy he paid me a visit.
The Blue Jays visit all year long.

A Red-bellied Woodpecker.

A Catbird, sweet little things they are.

Downy Woodpecker.

The Red-bellied Woodpecker feeding its baby

The baby again.

Here is a young Cardinal, a male I think

Another Downy Woodpecker who stayed on the feeder for the longest time, just hanging there staring up at the other Blue Jays creating a racket in the trees.

Another shot of the Catbird that I used in my header.

And here he is again.

Another visit from the Downy.

And surprise visitors from several crows. Here are two of them. I haven't seen them for a while either, though I know they are always around, just not in my back yard.
It's been a good week being entertained by my feathered friends


  1. Great shot of the flicker!!! The woodpecker feeding the baby is really special, was probably trying to teach it what to eat. You do nice steady pictures, mine are usually all over the place. Nice post!

  2. Wow. They are amazing. And so exotic to me. I had heard of blue jays but not seen them. I had to call my partner to the PC so that we could go through them together. Thanks so much. I have a big smile on my face now.

  3. Oh how I love your photos
    I love flickers..they are gorgeous

  4. Denise, your bird shots are amazing. I spent several days outside on my deck and captured some bird shots. I think they are pretty good for a beginner, but nothing like your beauties. (I'll post some on Sat for Saturday Snapshot).

  5. Lovely, Denise! You should make a 2012 calendar with your bird photos. The calendar would be a hit with your friends and family. Great Christmas gift!

    My eldest daughter gives me such a calendar with photos of her family. Always appreciated.

  6. Really great photos - well done! I love the woodpecker and the blue jay especially.

  7. Bird watching is my favourite hobby. Never heard of a Flicker, he's a lovely bird.

  8. Those are all such great photos. You have a beautiful variety of birds visit your desk Denise! I especially love the red head of the woodpecker :D)

  9. What a lovely variety of visitors, Denise! We call the birds that visit our feeders our 'wild pets'.

  10. What a great variety of birds. We have been changing our yard up a bit and although we keep the feeders full they are not in places that work with photographing them. I'll have to move them around a little bit.

  11. How wonderful to get such a variety of beautiful birds to visit your deck!

  12. I love the bird pics! The only one we do not get here is the red bellied woodpecker.
    The barn swallows were entertaining us yesterday!
    Jane x

  13. You are lucky to have such a variety of visitors. I love the blue one and the woodpecker with the red crash helmet on.

  14. I wish I had that many different birds. These pictures are really good, thanks for sharing. Maybe I should build a deck and there would be more birds around. Thanks for the visit and yes it was scary.

  15. Great pictures, Denise.. That looks like a juvenile Northern Flicker in the first picture.. I don't see much red on his head. How precious!

    Love the picture of the Red-bellied feeding the baby. How wonderful... and YES--that is a baby Cardinal...

    Great pictures,

  16. You have sucha great assortment of visitors! I wonder how manyof those we have this far north. Hard to tell when the cat hangs out in the window ledge. :)

  17. I love these shots are the birds visiting your deck. I haven't noticed any flickers around here lately although I often see them in the winter when I put out food in bad weather.

  18. I love all the birds in this post that visiting your deck. They are so very adorable.

  19. Awesome shots of your Birdie Deck visitors..