Friday, August 12, 2011

Comic-Con and how I started it, not Comic-Con

I repeat, I don't mean Comic-Con. I'm actually talking about our son's love of all that is......

What did I start? I may have told this story before on my blog but when Brad was still a babe in arms, a friend - one whose husband was on the same ship Gregg was serving on and which was deployed at the time - invited me to go with her to see the new Star Wars movie.

Having only just arrived in the area I did not have any babysitters to leave son with, and this new friend had taken us both under her wing. Star Wars arrived in San Diego and her son was eager to see it. Her 13 year old daughter was also going along to look after Brad if I agreed. My friend said that if Brad got at all fussy, her daughter would take him out in his pushchair, and walk around in the foyer for a while. As I was a relatively new mum in a brand new area, was still making friends and had been housebound for a while with my new baby because I was also afraid of getting lost, I readily agreed. He fell asleep before we even went into the theater and continued to do so as I held him in my arms. Even with all that noise going on as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo fought Darth Vader and the Imperial Guard, he slept soundly through every minute of that movie. We were all amazed and as you can see from the above photograph, years later he became a Star Wars fan, along with a love of comics and movies in general.

Brad co-hosts a blog with his friend Matt, in the Mouth of Dorkness, where he has written an article on his recent trip to San Diego. He and our daughter-in-law attended the four day event, ComicCon. If you are curious you can find out what he has to say here. There are also photos he took at the event, several of the movie stars, the older ones that I recognize and the younger ones that I don't. More photos here too and below are several that they said I could put in this blog post. You may recognize a few people.

Starting off with my daughter-in-law Lisa and actor Nicholas Brandon who played Xander Harris in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lisa was a big fan of that show and got to meet the actor when he was signing autographs.

The following pictures show William Shatner, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula who all played captains on the Star Trek TV shows. I loved the original Star Trek and watched Kirk from the very beginning. Little did I know that years later my son would be a big William Shatner fan too.

When you can't get close enough to the panels, no problem, there were huge screens above them. Steven Spielberg in the center. This actually isn't the first time Brad has seen Mr. Spielberg. Years ago when he went with his grandpa to Normandy for the 60th D-Day Anniversary, he watched as his grandpa and other WWII shipmates were interviewed by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks for CNN. I will write about that one day and share those photos.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki, who play the Winchester boys on Supernatural.

Kate Beckinsale.....

and Jessica Biel

Colin Farrel

Andrew Garfield, the English actor who is the new Spider-Man, and Welsh actor Rhys Ifans who plays Peter Parker's nemesis, The Lizard in the upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. The day Rhys Ifans appeared at ComicCon he was celebrating his 44th birthday.

This is the cast of the tv show "The Fringe", also signing autographs.

John Noble.....

and a fuzzy picture of Joshua Jackson.

Lisa said it was sometimes hard to get a clear picture but this is the new Dr. Who, Matt Smith. He was being interviewed for the Nerdist Podcast, and was handing out burritos with the Tardis emblazoned on the wrapping paper. They both said what a very nice guy he was. I actually borrowed this from their Facebook page. Guess who has been a Dr. Who fan since the very beginning, and that's going back some?

A few days later Lisa and Brad were at Universal Studios and came across Jay Lenno interviewing people on the street.

They had a great time in San Diego and after this part of their trip was over, there were another four days to enjoy sight seeing. I will share their zoo photos at a later date as the San Diego Zoo was one of my favorite places to take Brad to when he was a little boy. We left for Virginia when he was ten years' old.


  1. wow! amazing celebrity captures!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. I have never seen a Star War movie, and most of the actors are unknown to me. Steven Spielberg of course I know.

  3. Mighty fine lineup of stears here my friend.
    Altho as babe in arms, and asleep, it entered his soul.

  4. It sure looks like they had a great time there. I am such an ignoramus when it comes to movie stars and Sci Fi stuff, because I'm afraid to say I don't enjoy watching those shows. Bill loves Dr Who so I have seen some of those. can you believe I hadn't heard of any of the actors you have mentioned except Jay Lenno. Bernie and Sonya went to be in the audience of one of his shows as a friend of theirs, Rove Mcmannus, was on the show too.
    San Diego is a fab city. I wish I'd had time to go to the zoo when we were there.

  5. Frankly Star Wars leaves me cold, but here in u.k. it is soooo popular, people will fight to get the star wars stuff at car boot etc. (not literally,lol, even though I know that we've had the riots )

  6. Throw me Colin Farrel and Rhys Ifans!!!! Many thanks for stopping by. We had a lovely time in Devon. You made me stop and think when I read that you have been in the US for 35 years. Off to read the rest of your blog. xxx

  7. What a busy time and celebrities everywhere you look!

  8. Amazing photos! I am so glad your son and daughter-in-law enjoyed themselves.

  9. wow, wow, wow, what a line up!!!

    how exciting, looks like a great time!!!!

    have a beautiful weekend!!!

  10. I recognised some of the actors...but we don't have TV so I'm not 'up to speed' with this sort of thing. Dr WHO however....although I've not seen any with the new heart left with David Tennant!!
    I'm really looking forward to your WWII anniversry post!
    Jane x

  11. Fascinating! I was living in San Diego in those days and remember all the hulaballoo when the movie came out. That September I happened to be in Columbus Georgia and my husband and I saw it there...the theatre was practically empty.

    I'm wondering what years you too your son to the San Diego Zoo...we were frequent visitors there too, between 1978 and 1984.

  12. what a fabulous weekend with the celebrities!