Friday, June 17, 2011

Thomas Jefferson's Statue at the Rotunda

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13th, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia and died on July 4th, 1826 at his home in Monticello. We have yet to visit this famous home just outside of Charlottesville, and the next time we come back it is the first place we will head for.

This particular statue stands in front of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia. It was sculpted by Moses Ezekial, and presented to the people on May 25th, 1910.

Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and as I have mentioned before the third President of the United States and the founder of the University of Virginia.

He was a public official, historian, philosopher and plantation owner, and served his country for over five decades. I read all this information and much more right here.
Jefferson stands holding a copy of the Declaration of Independence, on top of a copy of the Liberty Bell, the original of which is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The inscription around it reads, "To perpetuate the teachings and examples of the founders of the Republic." On the base there are excerpts of the Declaration.

Surrounding the monument's bell are four figures, representing justice, human freedom, liberty and religious freedom.

Below is the State Flag of Virginia. I found a description of it online which read, "A deep blue field contains the seal of Virginia with the Latin motto "Sic Semper Tyrannis" ("Thus Always To Tyrants"). It was adopted in 1776. The two figures are acting out the meaning of the motto. Both are dressed as warriors. the woman, Virtue, represents Virginia. The man holding a scourge and chain shows that he is a tyrant. His fallen crown is nearby." To get a clearer look at the Virginia flag, you can go here.


  1. A lot of interest here in this info Denise.

  2. Amazing reportage dear Denise, the first composition is wonderful and I'm enchanted by those details.Thanks for the close up!

  3. Interesting statue and info on Jefferson.
    Love your new header photo!

  4. Should I know you before, I could have stop in your place to say Hello. I was at Richmond Bus Interchange on my way to North Carolina from Washington DC in 2005. Then, I knew nothing about blogging. Great collation of pieces of history. It pays to have a good camera too. Love those shots and the accompanying interesting stories.

  5. This is so interesting, Denise. The photos are fabulous.

    Thank you for your visits. I'm still so horribly jet lagged. I don't know what's the matter with me. I'm trying to get through the thousands of photos that were taken by three cameras and it's exhausting! Sigh.

  6. A very interesting and informative post, thanks. I enjoyed all the photos. It always amazes me how statues are made so nice, and the details are really remarkable. I read about Jefferson and there was an interesting part about how he treated this one slave girl.