Thursday, June 2, 2011

A mini ramble....

"To find a seashell is to discover a world of imagination."
~Author: Michelle Held~
This was on the front of a birthday card Anne gave to Hazel - from yesterday's post. It is a photo of the photo and yes I take photos of everything. It reminded me of the days I used to stroll along the beach in my bare feet when we vacationed in Devon. This is long before we actually moved from the Midlands when Dad retired. My mum, sister and I would collect seashells and take them home with us. Then mum would find an old lamp, photo frame or vase, we covered them in some kind of 'cement' mixture, and I am really not sure what that was, and affix our seashells. We were very proud of our creations and they stayed around for years.

Brad came over last night while Lisa was working. He called a couple of days ago and I asked him if he would like to stay for dinner. He asked for some steak sauce and he found this in the cupboard. When I first came across the brand I got the biggest kick out of it, because Goodall was my single name back in the day. I think some of our English namesakes must have hopped over to Ireland as that's where it is imported from.

What a lovely evening it was. He told us a little bit about his new job. He misses his old friends but so far everything seemed pretty upbeat. His store is actually inside a shopping mall whereas before the old one stood on its own.

We used to go to this shopping mall a lot in the old days but they are building a new metro line out there, and the traffic is horrendous at the best of times. Not my cup of tea, I have enough to deal with where we live and am thankful that our little community is off the main drag and not very noisy. However, you don't have to go very far before you are in the thick of things, and I avoid rush hour if I can.


  1. So we've finally found a way to get you to a mall.

  2. I think you feed them Men far too well Denise.{:))

  3. So you added a photo of your son and hubby and a paragraph about steak sauce to your post since I read it this morning.

    BTW, I was unable to post a comment earlier so I'll try again.

    Love those seashells.

  4. What a nice collection of seashells in the photo of a photo!
    Interesting about the steak sauce. Glad you had such a nice visit with your son.

  5. Good family photo! Lovely quote of the card.

  6. Sea shells are fascinating - little homes for little beings - and they are so attractive.

  7. ps: good to hear that Brad is enjoying his new job:-)

  8. As you can see husband Gregg (top) left a comment this time. And in answer to your question My Love, maybe, but you'd better hitch up those wild horse, ha! Please take note of Roy's comment, and a double ha, ha!

    Don't Unplug Your Hub, always another place at the table :)

    Thanks everyone, by now I should have returned the visit.