Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Huntley Meadows along the Boardwalk

These photos show the boardwalk part of our walk. This is a great place for seeing wildlife. Today we saw birds, frogs, dragonflies, turtles and a brief sighting of a beaver swimming in the water. I watched as he climbed out and disappeared in the undergrowth.

Look how calm, cool and collected Gregg is. It was HOT! As I have mentioned before Gregg was born in Virginia and grew up here, hence he likes it and the hotter the better. I know he would feel equally at home in the tropics.

This is the kind of wildlife you could see here. Every time we visit we spot something different.

If you enlarge the picture below you can just - maybe - make out that beaver's trace as he swims through the water (top left) and the one below it as he exits. The large photo shows a good diagram of the inside of a beaver lodge.

This is a swamp rose.....

and I think this is Water Hemlock but if you disagree please feel free to let me know, I am still in my learning curve.

A black swallowtail butterfly and the plant/flower was identified by Steve as a Buttonbush. Thanks again Steve.

And because I love them so much, more photos of the Red-Winged Blackbird.

This was a very nice young man carrying his camera and a tripod, who stopped and chatted with us for a while. We talked about birds.

Lots of dragonflies around and I don't know enough about them to identify.

The boardwalk.

Below a double-decker overlook with a great view of the wetlands. It's a place to sit for a while with an overhanging tree that gives you a lot of shade.

We are getting closer to the wood trail here.

More photos of frogs, they were all over the place and were very loud. They were fun to listen to. We tried to guess where they might be hiding but it was difficult. I was grateful for the ones in full view.

A young family of ducks doing what ducks love to do, quack, dive, eat....

and all the turtles sunning themselves on logs.

I liked how this one outstretched its back foot.

The last time we came here the wetlands were pretty dry but with all the rain we've had lately, no problems there.

This is one of Gregg's favorite spots....

and this is mine. By the time we have made our way this far along the boardwalk I am feeling the humidity, and glad for the shade of the trees and a bench to sit on for a few minutes. I truly love the wooden boardwalk with all its activity, fun also to watch the little kids with their parents, good to see them being exposed to the outdoors and to nature at such an early age.

Once we left the water behind us we had the woods all to ourselves. Most people turn back and backtrack to the parking lot which is the shortest route, and when you have hot, tired and thirsty kids it is a good way to go. We continue around the loop which takes us through the trees and we didn't pass one person until we finally neared the visitors' center. We loved the solitude and peacefulness around us and it was a great ending to our walk. I'll be posting those pictures in my next post.


  1. What a fantastic place-love your description of everything -I can almost hear those ducks quacking-brilliant photographs,especially love the butterfly and dragonflies !

  2. Awesome pictures, Denise. I particularly the ones of the dragonflies and frog. I would have been very happy walking round there, everything seemed so interesting.

  3. This park looks so lovely. The turtle sunning themselves is very cool.

  4. What a wonderful place to visit Denise! I would be absolutely in my element there... apart from the heat and humidity.

    So many lovely things to find and photograph, no wonder you had enough material for several posts. I loved it all, the frogs, the Red-winged Blackbird, the dragonflies, the Black Swallowtail, the turtles... well everything, what a treasure trove for the Nature lover!!

    Nearly forgot, I also loved the little Swallow calling for food, so sweet :)

  5. Thank you for taking us along!
    Jane x

  6. Very nice share, I like the butterfly on the button bush.

  7. You have got a wide variety of captures in this trip. Fantastic shots of the bird.

  8. Wow amazing reportage, lots of wonderful pictures from this great Park.
    Thanks for sharing, I'm enchanted by those dragonflies and of course the turtles!

  9. What a lovely photo of you, Denise! You are lucky you have a wetlands to visit. I don't think we have anything similar on Oahu.

  10. Thank you Denise. I really enjoyed the walk. Hope you invite me to join you again.

  11. Amazing pictures from this lovely nature park!

  12. Lovely photos. I especially like the butterfly and dragonflies and the frogs!

  13. My kind of walk girl !!sandy

  14. This is my kind of place! I really liked that cool turtle stretching on the log.

  15. Thank you for the walk and the great photos. What an magical place, I can see why you like to go there. Maa

  16. I love the frogs, the butterfly and the dragonflies. Great photos!

  17. How nice that you had such a variety on your walk. Love the detail on the dragonfly shots. Also, the blackbird with the hints of color are very striking.

  18. Great photos of a wonderful place. I read an acticle today in our local paper about 17 different kinds of dragonflies in just one location!

  19. Wonderful nature photos from Huntley Meadows. It is a great place to visit for birding. Love the dragonflies and the frogs.

  20. Such spectacles of your summer there! Fine and excellent pictures that tell stories on its own and if only ecology like that is preserved and unaltered all over the world, happy are all the creatures be!

  21. Your photos are just so awesome, Denise. I do, of course, like the last one best.

  22. What a magical walk down nature's path, Denise! I do this all the time. It really helps me recharge. . . all photos are so inspiring!