Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feathered Friends

Here are three of the birds we saw at the Garden last Sunday. I heard many and saw a couple of other varieties, but they were too fast for camera's to capture and the trees were thick with foliage.

American Robin

Song Sparrow (photo by Gregg)


  1. We have a different Robin here in Australia - I have yet to see one tho'. Would deifintely love to see that striking red cardinal - are they like peacocks with the male having the showy colours and feathers?
    Take care

  2. Different to our Robins too. Looks bigger and slimmer LOL.
    I would love to see that Cardinal on our feeder on the deck but we have very few brightly coloured birds.
    Our red and black woodpecker is a frequent visitor though.

  3. Hi Denise!
    It's been a while!!!
    Your three little friends are very beautiful!
    Congratulations to your daughter-in-law for her graduation.
    I loved your early mother's day message.

  4. Loved your pictures, Denise. In some cases other countries have the same birds with different names, ours are nowhere near as pretty though.

  5. I too am fascinated with the Cardinals. Such beautiful colouring.
    Great photos of all the birds - a delight to see :D)

  6. Bonjour dear Denise!
    Thanks again for your always kind words in our blog.We are back from a wonderful trip in France.I visited many Castles in Loire Valley and I have the opportunity to see beautiful gardens, but now I'm recovering from pollen allergy.It's normal in Spring time,I mean about these allergies.
    Wow I love this set of pictures, they are all adorable birds.Maybe the cardinal is my favorite one but I like them all.
    Hugs and a nice Wednesday

  7. Great shots, Denise! The song sparrows and robins were here to great me when I arrived, but sadly, cardinals don't venture this far north!!

  8. I love the Cardinals, such beautiful feathers, and disposition.
    You've taken some great shots, of all the birds, they seem so busy this time of the year.

  9. You captured three nice pictures of the birds. I always feel so happy whenever I can capture a bird in a picture. I don't know how many pictures I have taken of birds that contained no part of the bird because they flew while I was taking the photograph!

  10. Lovely photos Denise. I have the same problem as Linda in the last comment. The birds never stay still long enough.

  11. We don't see them here.
    Nice captures.

  12. It was nice of those birds to stay still for your camera! Very nice shots, Denise! I especially love the one of the cardinal.

  13. Very nicely done Denise.

    Steve, OOTP

  14. Thank you for all the lovely comments my friends.

  15. Some lovely birds. I especially like the Cardinal, probably because we don't get them at this altitude.

  16. Nice pictures! Yep, now that we have leaves, they aren't so easy to capture!

  17. Denise, All 3 birds are super captures. Do you miss the birds in your homeland? How do they differ from the ones here in the States?

    BTW...Eastern Bluebirds are in your area pretty much year-round. Put up a Bluebird house in an open grassy area and maybe you will have a pair nest!

  18. you know I prefer the British Robin don't you, it looks so much more friendly than the American/Canadian one.....


  19. Excellent photos! I think you could teach me how to photo birds!
    Birds do move so fast, I went to the bird sanctuary awhile ago & fail! my zoom lens was too slow!!

  20. Very nice pictures and yes the Cardinals are so bright and pretty. For the first time I seen where a Cardinal built her nest. It is in the neighbors bush right by our yard and it is a nice sight to see them feed the babies. They come over to my feeders and get the food for them, so I make sure it is filled. Hope they bring the babies over here. Thank you for coming by and have a nice weekend.

  21. Birds can be hard to capture. Nice photos of some real beauties.