Friday, June 10, 2011

Deck Visitors

Today I thought I would share three of the visitors to our deck this past week. Much to my surprise and in the early evening, Gregg spotted a raccoon checking out the bird feeder. She didn't find much as it was empty. Sorry little one! Well, maybe not so little, she's the size of a small dog.

By the time I got my camera she was already making her way down the rail....

and was moving pretty fast as I think by now she was aware that we were looking at her through the patio door.

She stopped for just a moment and I'm not really sure what caught her attention.....

but then she quickly turned and made her way down the steps. I think this is one who has been visiting me for the last couple of years as she has the same coloring.

The Catbird is back and this little darling, just like the raccoon, was the first time I had seen her this year.
If you want to learn more about the Catbird, you can click here.

It is a well known species of American songbird and is related to the Wren and Mockingbird.

The Catbird is about nine inches in length and it chooses its home near copses and thickets, and often near dwellings.

During the winter it can be found in the extreme south of the United States, and also in Mexico and Central America.

Well, what can I say? Here's another little friend who visits me daily no matter what time of the year, along with several of his family.
Added note: I have just found my other post and on comparing the coloring on both, I am 99% certain the raccoon in the first few photos of this one is the same little girl who has been visiting me this time of the year for the last two years. You can check her out if you click here.